Vinny Guadagnino Admits to Sleeping With 'Hundreds of Women'

Vinny Guadagnino

There are some things in life we really don't need to know -- and this is definitely one of them. Vinny Guadagnino is bragging about sleeping with "hundreds of women," and it's safe to say Jersey Shore fans feel he went too far this time.

(Sigh, we really didn't need to hear about this.)
  • During a recent appearance on WFAN Sports Radio's Boomer and Gio, Vinny opened up about all the women he's slept with.

    When he was asked about how many women he's slept with -- which, let's admit, is a pretty gross question to ask in the first place -- he said it was probably over 500 women, possibly over 1,000 women.

    "That's a question guys ask girls, girls don't ask guys that question," Vinny says in response. "I've never been judged on that."

    He attributed that number to traveling and making so many appearances, thanks to his MTV reality star fame.

    So sexy ... said no one.
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  • Let's just say that Vinny didn't paint himself in the *best* light.

    Vinny Guadagnino
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    "I've slowed down a lot," he clarified. "Like now I'm going back to my room. I wanna watch Netflix. I wanna just chill. I don't wanna be in bed with somebody. I don't wanna wake up to them the next day and like talk to them."

    To make matters worse, Vinny said he felt "disgusting" because of it.

    Yeah, we're sure those women you slept with feel GREAT after hearing that, Vin. Here's the thing: Sleep with who ya want. (It's not cool to shame people for who they've slept with or how many people they've slept with.) But bragging about a high number in front of the world and how "disgusting" it feels? That part is ... not cool, and we're fairly certain the ladies of Jersey Shore would agree with us on that one.

    Snooki, can we get your feelings on this?

  • And let's just say that fans aren't impressed, either.

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    The general reaction to Vinny's confession hasn't been great. Most people are feeling like this isn't something he should be broadcasting, and we have to agree.

  • Others feel like people shouldn't be surprised at Vinny's number.

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    True, he's an attractive guy with a lot of fame, but we expected better from him than to talk about his past this way.

    You know, just in the name of human decency.

  • Welp, at least he's slowing down.

    Hopefully, he keeps it that way -- and learns a little something about being respectful towards ladies he may or may not sleep with in the future. 

    Like we said, sleep with whoever you want. It's none of our business! But respect is always number one.