20 Heartwarming Mother-Daughter Moments With Jinger Duggar & Baby Felicity

Nicole Pomarico | Apr 24, 2019 Celebrities
20 Heartwarming Mother-Daughter Moments With Jinger Duggar & Baby Felicity

Jinger Duggar, Felicity Vuolo

It's hard to believe that it's already been more than nine months since Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo welcomed their first child into the world, but it's been so much fun watching Miss Felicity Vuolo grow. From seeing her birth on Counting On to gushing over the photos that her proud parents post on social media, it's wild how big she's gotten already. But more than anything else, it's been amazing to see Jinger come into her own as a mother. Considering that it wasn't all that long ago that Jinger was a kid herself on 19 Kids & Counting, it's a pretty special transformation seeing her raising a child of her own. 

Already, the bond between Jinger and Felicity seems to be a pretty incredible one. From the moments they've shared with fans on social media, it's easy to tell that not only is this mommy-daughter duo absolutely adorable, but they're also already incredibly close. Obviously, a new baby is going to rely on her parents so much in the first few years, but it really seems as if Jinger was made to be Felicity's mom.

Don't get us wrong -- we love seeing Jinger, Jeremy, and Felicity together as a threesome, because together they make a pretty cute family. But there's something so special about Jinger and Felicity together. It's like they've been BFFs from the start, and we have no doubt that their relationship will only get better from here, especially once Felicity is talking and can share more in her mom's interests and develop more interests of her own.

Here are all of the sweetest mother-daughter moments that Jinger and Felicity have had together so far. We know that the older Felicity gets, the more their bond will grow, and we can't wait to see it all happen.

  • Ready for Coffee


    Given that Jinger has always had a coffee obsession, this photo is pretty perfect. Having coffee with Felicity in her lap? She must be in heaven.

  • The Monthly Updates


    Since Felicity was born, Jinger's been all about sharing her monthly updates, and they've all been so cute. Jinger always dresses Felicity in the sweetest outfits, and the photos turn out so well. It has to be such a special memory for her.

  • One of the Earliest Family Photos


    This was one of the very first family photos of all three Vuolos together. Look how proud Jinger is holding Felicity! Since then, they've come a long way -- especially because Felicity now smiles and poses in photos they take like this one.

  • Taking on the Stroller Like a Pro

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    Lissy took a stroll on the River Walk today...

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    Even in the beginning, Jinger handled that diaper backpack and pushed that stroller like a pro. Of course, she probably had a lot of practice with all her younger siblings at home. But we'll chalk this one up to Jinger and Felicity's immediate bond.

  • A Christmas Smile


    Felicity's first Christmas was pure magic. Don't believe us? Look at that grin on her face while she cuddled with her mom. We can't wait to see what she thinks of the holidays later this year, now that she will be a little older and can participate in more of the fun.

  • Travel Buddies


    Being that Jinger and Jeremy travel so much, it makes sense that Felicity's already gotten used to being on planes. But seeing how peaceful she looks on her mom's lap while Jinger reads? Totally priceless. This little lady seems like a pro at being on the go. 

  • Watching Her Mom Film 


    Filming for Counting On is part of Jinger's daily life, and it seems as if Felicity's already getting the hang of it. In his caption when he shared this photo, Jeremy said Jinger kept getting distracted by Felicity watching her film this segment. OK -- that's pretty adorable.

  • Felicity's First Easter


    This year has been full of firsts for Felicity, and in April, she got to celebrate her first Easter. She and Jinger both look crazy happy to be spending the holiday together. And that flower on her headband? Too cute.

  • All Smiles


    Jinger and Felicity are just spending a casual night out together, but this photo captures their relationship perfectly. They're both all smiles, cuddled up. This is exactly the kind of photo that will mean so much to them both when the baby days are long behind them.

  • Hanging in Chicago


    Even when she was still teeny tiny, Felicity was one of the most well-traveled babies ever. Jinger and Jeremy are constantly on the go, and here's Jinge with her little one in Chicago. Somehow, we have a feeling this is only the beginning of their mother-daughter adventures together.

  • Picture Perfect


    Not all photos are perfect, but this one has a funny story behind it, making it pretty close to perfect in its own way.

    "Lissy wasn't too keen on having her picture taken earlier," Jeremy wrote. "She much preferred a good stretch and pulling Mommy's hair." 

  • Enjoying the Spring Weather


    Jinger and Felicity took this photo when they were checking out some food trucks, and they both look too cool for school. How are they both always so fashionable? 

  • In a Bamboo Forest


    How gorgeous is this backdrop? Felicity and Jinger explored a bamboo forest, and although we don't think they found any panda bears, it looks as if they still had a blast. How cool for Felicity to have these photos with her mom when she grows up.

  • Playing Outside


    Now that Felicity's getting bigger, she seems to be playing more and more -- and that means the fun stuff is finally starting. Playing outside, hanging out at the playground ... the possibilities are endless. We hope Jinger's ready for it!

  • Looking Into Each Other's Eyes


    If this isn't a look of love, we don't know what is! Felicity and Jinger are so sweet together, and so is the way they look at each other. Side note: Can we talk about how much Jinger's hair is killing it in this photo?!

  • Having Coffee at Christmas


    There were plenty of photos marking Felicity's first Christmas, and this one couldn't have been more appropriate. Considering Jinger's love of coffee, of course she had to pose by the tree with her little one and a hot cup of joe. Seems like the perfect holiday photo to us! 

  • Spending Time With Grandma Duggar


    Three generations all in one photo, and Jinger shared the sweetest caption about her grandmother to go with it.

    "I have such fond memories of witnessing together, thrift shopping together, running errands together and just chatting about life with this precious woman," Jinger wrote. "What a godly heritage! It was a joy to spend time with her when we were last in AR." 

    And how special for Felicity to get to know her great-grandma as she gets older! 

  • Matching Headbands


    Felicity and Jinger are totally twinning! Since she was born, Jinger's been all about the adorable headpieces for her daughter, so we love that she has her own to match. These two are so cute together.

  • Cuddling Up


    Jinger shared this photo not long after Felicity was born, and it screams "new mom." Those early days of no sleep but plenty of baby cuddles? That's where these two are at, and it's so sweet that she's captured it in this picture. Even then, it's clear that Jinger was in love with her little girl.

  • Airplane Snuggles


    What did we say about Felicity killing it at air travel? Here she is, brand new to the world, and sleeping right through her flight in her mama's lap. If we had to sit next to any baby on the plane, it'd have to be this one -- and props to her brave mom for traveling with her so early.

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