People Are Totally Freaking Out Over Kim Kardashian's Bathroom Sink

Kim Kardashian

Color us impressed! Kim Kardashian spent a lot of time designing her new digs with hubby Kanye West, and they put some pretty cool details into every aspect. After showing off her "confusing" bathroom sinks on a Vogue "73 Questions" video, the mom of three took to her Instagram story to show how they work.

She explained that Kanye had designed the sinks, which appear to have no basin. "Since everyone is a little bit confused about our sinks, I thought I would just show you guys a little tour of our bathroom," she shared before demonstrating the sinks, which really have to be seen to be believed. They look like the water would just spill over the edge of the vanity, but somehow it doesn't. 


Kim also showed off the rest of her bathroom, including a bathtub big enough for all three kids. It looks like there's room for baby number four in there too, who is due this spring via surrogate. Another cool feature in Kim's bathroom? The switches, which aren't actually switches at all. Instead they consist of three tiny buttons on the wall, for on, off, and dim. She also showed off the bathroom ceiling, which is actually one big light box.

And just in case anyone was wondering where Kim stores her giant TV in her minimalist home, she has a surprise. On her Instagram story, Kim said that her sister Khloe insisted that she share where her TV is, and we were not expecting what came next. 

Kim recently gave a tour of her $60 million mansion to Entertainment Tonight, and it is beyond fancy. It even includes two kitchens -- a "show" one and a "staff" one, where she revealed North, Saint, and Chicago like to hang out. Who in their right mind even has a "show" kitchen? Oh. Kim Kardashian, that's who. 

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