Joe Giudice's Deportation Appeal Has Reportedly Been Denied

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Teresa and Joe Giudice
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Well? Guess that's that. Joe Giudice filed an appeal in his deportation case, and unfortunately for him, it has reportedly been denied. A spokesperson for the Executive Office for Immigration Review told Us Weekly that Joe's case was dismissed by the Board of Immigration Appeals on April 11. Soooo, does this mean he's officially going to be sent back to Italy? Maybe.

  • According to E! News, there may be one final chance for Joe to stay put in the US.

    teresa joe giudice
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    Apparently Joe's legal team has filed a petition for a federal court to review the initial appeals decision. But if they wind up not reviewing the appeal, he will be deported. 

    The lawyer for the family, James L. Leonard Jr., issued a statement:

    We are extremely disappointed that the Board of Immigration Appeals has denied Mr. Giudice's appeal. We have filed a stay with the Third Circuit Court of Appeals and will continue to fight to keep Mr. Giudice in the United States, the only country he knows, and reunite him with his wife and four daughters.

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  • Teresa Giudice hasn't been shy about what will happen to her marriage if Joe is deported. 

    Teresa Giudice
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    On a Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show, Teresa basically said she'll divorce Joe if he can't remain in the States. She explained:

    I'm not doing the long-distance relationship. I'm not doing it. You know, I want somebody with me every day. I know exactly what happens. You know, I'm sure he'll be with other women. It happens. We do the long-distance thing, it's not going to work. I'd be like, 'Bye bye.'

  • Teresa has also taken her daughters into consideration if Joe does go back to Italy.

    Teresa Giudice daughters
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    She said on the reunion show:

    I mean, unless my kids say, Mommy I want to move to Italy. Gia's going to college next year; I haven't spoken to Milania or Audriana about it, we haven't gotten there yet; and Gabriella already voiced her opinion to me. She was like, 'That would be so hard for me, mommy.' She doesn't speak the language. She's like, 'That would kill me even more.'

  • It'll be interesting to see if the federal court opts to hear Joe's petition.

    joe and teresa giudice
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    To say these two have been through the wringer over the past few years, what with both being in prison and all, is a huge understatement. Regardless of the outcome, odds are good that they're both ready to be done with their legal battles and put the past behind them.