Britney Spears's Mom Shares Cryptic Instagram Post That Has Fans Very Worried

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Fans have been pretty concerned about Britney Spears ever since she announced that she had checked herself into a mental health facility. She reportedly entered the wellness program after being distraught over her dad's ailing health, and she was supposed to remain there for 30 days. But now it looks like there could possibly be more reason to worry. Britney's mom, Lynne Spears, shared a highly cryptic post on Instagram that is leading some to believe that whatever is going on with Britney might be a lot worse than we imagined. 

  • Here's the post in question ...

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    This is “Faith!”

    A post shared by Lynne Spears (@lynnespears_rf) on

    Lynne could be referring to any number of things with this post, but given the timing and the fact that Britney is in treatment, it's understandable that people are worried. 

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  • A #FREEBRITNEY hashtag has even popped up on Instagram, as many believe Britney's conservatorship needs to end.

    Britney's dad Jamie has been her conservator and has been in charge of her finances since 2008, and it was recently revealed that he is currently her sole conservator, as her lawyer quit working for her.

  • Another fan wants Britney to have her independence restored.

  • Despite his poor health, some believe Jamie has way too much control over Britney.

    Britney is now 37 years old, and up until she entered the treatment facility, she really seemed to be in such a good place in her life. It did appear as though trying to cope with her dad's declining health really took its toll on her, however.

  • Here's what Brit posted when she entered the wellness program.

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    We all need to take time for a little "me time." :)

    A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

    So many people were proud of her for taking the initiative to realize she needs to prioritize taking care of herself.

  • Whatever is going on, we just hope Britney is OK.

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    We'll be keeping an eye out for updates for sure.