20 of Kate Middleton's Sweetest Fan Interactions

20 of Kate Middleton's Sweetest Fan Interactions
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While there's no denying the fact that gregarious Meghan Markle's fan interactions are nothing short of heart-warming, and to be honest, iconic, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention that Kate Middleton has some seriously impressive moments with her adoring fans, as well. The Duchess of Cambridge may not be as outgoing or as comfortable being in the spotlight as her American sister-in-law (she wasn't an actress, after all), but it's more than apparent that Kate is a big fan of, well, her fans. 

Ever since she married Prince William in 2011, Kate has been showing her fans -- her throngs of screaming fans -- big love. And over time, the duchess has gotten more comfortable interacting with well-wishers to boot! Whether she's simply shaking their hands, crouching down to get on their level, or giving them a heartfelt hug, Kate without a doubt goes above and beyond for anyone waiting in a crowd to catch a glimpse of her -- particularly if they're little kids. 

British royals aren't traditionally the warmest and fuzziest people in the bunch, but Kate (as well as Prince William, Prince Harry, and of course, Meghan Markle) are proving that royals can be cuddly, too. 

Think the Duchess of Cambridge is unapproachable? Think again. Here are 20 of Kate Middleton's best fan interactions. 

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