20 of the Best Royal Mother-Daughter Moments

Madison Breaux | Apr 19, 2019 Celebrities
20 of the Best Royal Mother-Daughter Moments
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Kate Middleton Carole Middleton
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With Mother's Day right around the corner, it's time to spread the love to all moms ... even the royal ones. Due to their hectic royal schedules, fellow duchesses Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle don't get to spend as much time with their moms as they would like, but when they do have the chance, it's nothing short of adorable! The Duchess of Cambridge's mom, Carole Middleton, has been a part of this royal game for roughly eight years, but the Duchess of Sussex's sweet mother, Doria Ragland, is new to all of the madness. Experienced veteran or new mom on the block, it doesn't really matter because these moms make it clear that their daughters come before anything else.

Neither Kate or Meghan came from a royal background, so it's pretty safe to assume that Carole and Doria never dreamed that their daughters would grow up to be duchesses in the British royal family. While this lifestyle might not be what these two moms envisioned, they make it perfectly clear that Kate and Meghan have their unconditional support. These two mother-daughter duos don't step out into the public eye together often, and we think we can chalk that up to them wanting to spend the little time they have together alone. 

We're sure finding some quality mom-daughter time is hard enough, but when the royal lifestyle is thrown into the mix, it becomes downright impossible. But the duchesses and their moms have made it work! To honor the ladies that are more behind the scenes, here are 20 times Meghan and Kate just wanted to hang out with their moms. 

  • The Perfect Mother-Daughter Day

    Meghan Markle Doria Ragland
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    The world couldn't get enough of Meghan riding up to her wedding in the same fancy car as her mom. It's little things like this that make special days even more special. Plus, this photo makes it so easy to see the resemblance between these two lovely ladies!

  • Matching Smiles

    Kate Middleton Carole Middleton
    Max Mumby/Getty Images

    If there was any doubt that these two are mother and daughter, then there shouldn't be now. There's no mistaking beautiful smiles like that! It's rare for Carole to attend royal events, but we hope that changes in the future.

  • Fighting the Paparazzi Together

    Kate Middleton Carole Middleton Pippa Middleton
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    With just days to go before Kate's own royal wedding, the paparazzi were trying to get any shot of the soon-to-be duchess that they could, and sometimes they caught her mom and sis in action, too. Fighting hundreds of cameras must be a lot easier with your mom by your side.

  • Spending Holidays Together

    Kate Middleton Carole MIddleton
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    It's not often that Kate gets to RSVP "no" to royal holiday events, but when she does, she makes sure that she spends some quality time with her mom and the rest of the Middleton family. We love seeing these two ladies together!

  • Bring Your Mom to Royal Engagement Day

    Meghan Markle Doria Ragland
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    Right before the big wedding day, Meghan's mom flew in, and the two of them got to spend some much-needed time together. Duty always calls, however, so the soon-to-be duchess decided to bring Doria along with her for one of the many royal engagements she has to attend.

  • Going to See the Baby

    Carole Middleton
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    I mean ... just look at the expression on Carole's face. Kate had just given birth to little Prince George, and of course her mom wanted to be there quickly to meet her first grandson. Plus, how adorable does she look in that dress? Fashion sense runs in the Middleton family, for sure.

  • Shopping Day

    Kate Middleton Carole Middleton
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    Unfortunately, Kate and Will weren't together anymore at this point (we all remember their brief split, right?), but that didn't stop the paparazzi from catching Miss Middleton out spending the day with her mom.

  • Spending Time With the Prince

    Meghan Markle Doria Ragland
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    This was back when Meghan and Prince Harry had just started making their relationship known to the public, and it looks like Doria wanted to tag along for some of the fun. There's nothing better than a mom who approves of a future fiancé, no?

  • More Mother-Daughter Dates

    Kate Middleton Carole Middleton
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    Honestly, some of our favorite pictures of Kate out with her mom are from the duchess's pre-royal days. Can we take a moment to appreciate both of their outfits? Even though Carole isn't officially a royal, she's definitely gotten a similar regal wardrobe update that Kate got when she married Will.

  • She's One of the Crew


    It's such a happy sight to see Doria in a family photo with the rest of the royals. What a special day this was! Hopefully once little Baby Sussex arrives, there will be another family photo like this taken ... just with one more little addition.

  • Just Two Stylish Ladies

    Kate Middleton Carole Middleton
    Pool/Getty Images

    Well, hats don't get better than that. We wonder if Kate and Carole look back on these choices and cringe a little bit. But honestly, this mother/daughter duo could wear trash bags and still look just as stylish. Oh, the power these two have.

  • Two Cowgirls

    Kate Middleton Carole Middleton
    Max Mumby/Getty Images

    We don't really know what's going on with Kate's cowgirl hat, and even her own mom seems to be wondering what her daughter was thinking with her headwear. We're loving the matching ensembles, otherwise! Like mother, like daughter ... right?

  • Red Carpet Duo

    Meghan Markle Doria Ragland
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    Not every mother-daughter duo can say that they had the chance to walk down a red carpet together. Doria isn't really used to the spotlight, so it's safe to say that this was new territory for her. We can only imagine how much attention she's getting now that her daughter is a duchess!

  • Being Cheeky

    Kate Middleton Carole Middleton
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    We don't know who or what Kate and Carole were laughing at, but whatever it was, we want in. In all likeliness, this mother-daughter pair was probably giggling at the lengths the paparazzi would go to snap their photo.

  • Charlotte Enters the Scene

    Kate Middleton Prince Charlotte Carole Middleton
    Danny Martindale/Getty Images

    We have two generations of mother-daughter moments going on here! Princess Charlotte looks positively adorable, and what's even cuter is how Carole is looking lovingly at her little granddaughter. Let's keep these Middleton Christmases coming!

  • Mother-Daughter Charity

    Meghan Markle Doria Ragland
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    Meghan, Prince Harry, and Doria all went on a royal charity outing together, and the results were all too sweet. It's so touching seeing Meghan share part of her new royal life with her own mother, and we can definitely tell these two share the same charitable passions!

  • Another Christening


    Carole has been to her fair share of royal christenings, but we're sure she doesn't mind, because that just means more adorable grandchildren for her to spoil to no end! If only we knew Carole's thoughts about the possibility of another Cambridge baby coming on the scene ...

  • Hospital Visits

    Carole Middleton
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    We all remember when Kate was admitted to the hospital during her first pregnancy due to extreme morning sickness, right? Well, Carole was being the dotting mother that she is and made her way to the hospital to check in on her royal daughter.

  • Pre-Royal Fun


    Before Meghan was officially a part of the royal family, she and her mom had a lot more free time to spend together. The two even had mother-daughter yoga dates, which is definitely something we could see Meghan doing with her little one in a few years.

  • Proud Mother

    Carole Middleton
    CARL DE SOUZA/Getty Images

    Is there any mom that doesn't just want to gush on her daughter's wedding day? Carole Middleton was all smiles on that wonderful day back in 2011, and now three grandkids later, we're pretty sure she's still smiling!

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