Chrissy Teigen Completely Shuts Down Body Shamer Who Attacked Her on Twitter

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Chrissy Teigen
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Well, if there's anyone who can clap back at Internet naysayers like a pro, it's Chrissy Teigen. The model has a witty social media comeback for just about everything, and now, it looks like the trolls aren't going to let her skills get rusty. One body shamer came for Chrissy, but don't worry, she shut him down real quick.

  • Because Twitter is where the naysayers do their best work, one hater really just went for it. And Chrissy was right there ready for her clap back.

    Get 'em, Chrissy. 

    The Lip Sync Battle host recently opened up about how she's completely OK with her 20-pound weight gain after having her son Miles, so it's not surprising that she's so ready to defend herself against a body shamer.

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  • Surprisingly, this Twitter spat occurred on Nancy Pelosi's Twitter page, of all places.

    The Speaker of the House posted this adorable photo of her with Chrissy and her husband, John Legend, on April 10 ... and the hate just started from there.

  • Because unfortunately, hater Jose didn't stop at just one tweet.

    Chrissy Teigen
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    He had a lot to say, including stuff like, “Tiegen got fat,holly zhit," and "Chubby Tiegen," and he even started replying to people who were coming to her defense.

    And yeah ... the man can't even spell her last name correctly, so we're sure Chrissy isn't letting this nonsense get to her.

  • And because Chrissy is Chrissy, she shut this troll completely down with her next tweet.

    No matter who you are, it must hurt to have Chrissy Teigen call you "not handsome." But, well, that's what you get for coming after people over social media.

    If you can't take the heat ... log off. Or just stop hating on Chrissy for no reason!

  • The bottom line is Chrissy is perfectly happy with who she is and how she looks right now.

    Chriss Teigen and son Miles
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    So she's definitely not about to let some random Twitter user change that. Although we wish people would just stop with the senseless social media hate, we do love how Chrissy always has a few clapbacks up her sleeve, ready to go.

    Keep doing your thing, Chrissy.