30 Celebs Who Hated the Characters They Played

Bethany Quinn | Apr 26, 2019 Celebrities
30 Celebs Who Hated the Characters They Played

Michelle Pfeiffer and Maxwell Caulfield in Grease 2 (1982)
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Famous actors are among the lucky few. Not only do they get to portray different people and live out crazy scenarios on-screen, but they get paid millions for it. While it's not an easy road to the top, getting a chance to play a princess or a superhero or even a bada** villain, it's not just child's play; these roles are awesome and are the coveted among A-list stars. Fighting for a part is not just reserved for up-and-comers or unknowns, either. In fact, 12 famous actors -- including Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain -- were up for the part of Captain Marvel that eventually went to Brie Larson.

And this is just one example of the competitiveness of Hollywood.

But of course, there's also the other side.

It's not all rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes, actors play parts because of contractual obligations or because it seems like a good idea at first, only to find out that the movie is doomed to fail -- because of bad production, bad direction, or whatever. In fact, several stars on this list straight-up hated the parts that made them famous. Whether it was because the movie was poorly received, or it was in conflict with their morals, many stars have at least one project they regret. (Can't say we blame them ... too much.) Some of Hollywood's elite are bound by those aforementioned contracts and end up starring in flops.

When an actor is starting out, roles are limited, plus, most don't have much say during filming. Sometimes an actor will take a role hoping it will help launch them to stardom, even if the role or movie is a bit questionable. Well, at least they have their money to help them through.

Here are 30 of many celebs who hated the characters they played.

  • Allison Williams

    Lena Dunham and Allison Williams in Girls (2012)
    "Marnie would drive me crazy if we were friends in real life," Williams told Buzzfeed in an interview. The Girls character she played on the hit HBO was nothing like Williams in real life, and the actress did say that she gave herself completely to the role. "As an actor, you have to wholeheartedly be in you character's corner and I've been in her corner for four years now. In this weird schizophrenic sense, it's painful to watch someone go through such hard stuff because I feel for her."
  • Robert Pattinson


    This quote from Pattinson is as clear as day: He was not a fan of his Twilight character, Edward Cullen, at all.

    "He's the most ridiculous person ... the more I read the script, the more I hated this guy," he told Empire Magazine of the famous vampire. "Plus, he's a 108-year-old virgin so he's obviously got some issues there."

  • Blake Lively


    For Blake Lively, playing Serena van der Woodsen on the hit show Gossip Girl did not mesh with her own moral compass. She told Allure, "People loved it, but it always felt a little personally compromising -- you want to be putting a better message out there."

  • Megan Fox


    Megan Fox is famous for her looks and also her no-nonsense attitude. When asked about her experience working on the Transformers movies, the celeb mom did not hold back. "I don't want to blow smoke up peoples a**. People are well aware that this is not a movie about acting," she told Entertainment Weekly. "And once you realize that, it becomes almost fun because you can be in the moment and go, 'All right, I know that when he calls Action! I'm either going to be running or screaming, or both."

  • Cher


    Cher had high hopes for Burlesque, but said it was director, Steve Antin, who was to blame for the movie not living up to expectations. "It could have been a much better film. It was always sad that it was not a good film," she revealed. Cher called Antin a "really terrible director."

    "I remember [Antin] saying to me, I don't care about what you say, I just want to shoot the dance numbers."


  • Katherine Heigl


    Katherine Heigl is known for airing her grievances about her acting roles, and her part in Knocked Up was no exception. 

    "It was a little sexist," she admitted to Vanity Fair. "It paints the women as shrews, as humorless and uptight. I had a hard time with it, on some days. I'm playing such a b**ch; why is she being such a killjoy? Why is this how you’re portraying women? Ninety-eight percent of the time it was an amazing experience, but it was hard for me to love the movie."

  • Jennifer Garner


    It was Jennifer Garner's ex-boyfriend and former costar, Michael Vartan, who spilled the beans about her unhappiness with her work on Elektra. "I heard [Elektra] was awful. [Jennifer] called me and told me it was awful," he once confessed in an interview. "She had to do it because of Daredevil. It was in her contract."

  • Jamie Foxx


    Jamie Foxx was not pleased with the movie Stealth and ripped it apart several years after, saying he lied about it on the promotional circuit. "Sometimes you do a movie and you have to go promote it, so on Stealth I was like, 'Yeah, this is the greatest,'" the funny man admitted. "And people would see me after seeing the movie and say, 'I can't believe you lied to me like that.'"

  • Channing Tatum


    Channing Tatum went on Howard Stern's radio show, revealing he was forced by his studio contract to film G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra. "I f***ing hate that movie. I hate that movie," he revealed. "I was pushed into doing that movie … From 'Coach Carter,' they signed me for a three-picture deal … And as a young [actor], you're like, 'Oh my God, that sounds amazing, I'm doing that!'"

  • Shailene Woodley


    As The Secret Life of the American Teenager was coming to an end, Shailene Woodley recalled that many of the shows themes, were something she was not all that comfortable portraying.

    "It was a fantastic five years of my life, but towards the end, morally, the things that we were preaching on that show weren't aligned with my own integrity," she said. "So that was a bit hard to show up to work every day knowing that we were going to project all of these themes to thousands, millions, of young adults across the country, when in fact they weren't what I would like to be sending out."

  • Charlize Theron


    Charlize did not have nice things to say when asked about Reindeer Games which she filmed in 2000. "That was a bad, bad, bad movie,” she told Esquire. "But even though the movie might suck, I got to work with John Frankenheimer. I wasn't lying to myself -- that's why I did it. I mean, he directed The Manchurian Candidate, which is like the movie of all movies."

  • Sally Field


    Howard Stern can really get the truth out of people, and when he asked Sally Field if she liked her role in The Amazing Spider-Man she said didn't hold back.

    "Not especially," the beloved actress admitted. "It's not my kind of movie. But my friend Laura Ziskin was the producer, and we knew it would be her last film, and she was my first producing partner, and she was a spectacular human."

    Hey, that's what friends are for!

  • James Franco

    "Your Highness? That movie sucks. You can't get around that," James Franco told GQ in 2013. While the movie does have some funny moments, we're definitely with him on that one ... it does suck!

    Good thing Franco has made a slew of other wildly successful films he can look back on.
  • Shia LaBeouf

    Megan Fox wasn't the only Transformers star that took issue with the franchise. Shia LaBeouf felt the second installment, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, was less than stellar. "There are a lot of people that liked the second one, but I hated it," he told The Sydney Morning Herald. "I just didn't enjoy it. I wasn't impressed with what we did ... there were some really wild stunts in it, but the heart was gone. It's just a bunch of fighting robots."
  • George Clooney


    While we can all agree George Clooney is an amazing actor and pretty much a Hollywood legend, we can all also agree that his turn as Batman in Batman & Robin was horrible. Don't feel bad, though, Clooney agrees. In fact he's apologized for it a number of times, one of which he said, "I am the least qualified person to comment on anyone playing the role of Batman since I so terribly destroyed the part."

  • Lindsay Lohan


    Lindsay Lohan never came out with an official statement regarding her hate for her 2007 horror flick I Know Who Killed Me, but she did respond to a Twitter user when they wrote that they watched the film twice in one night. "Two times too many!" she wrote back.

    In the flick, Lohan played twins (again), and the plot was just horribly twisted ... and not in a good way.

  • Sylvester Stallone


    Sylvester Stallone is probably one of the greatest action stars ever. So when he tried his hand at comedy, needless to day, it didn't go that well. In fact, Stallone called his movie Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot "maybe one of the worst films in the entire solar system, including alien productions we've never seen."

  • Christian Bale


    While many of us love the film Newsies, the star, Christian Bale, did not. Though it later became a cult favorite, for Bale, that just wasn't enough to reframe his experience. "At 17, you want to be taken very seriously -- you don't want to be doing a musical," he told Entertainment Weekly. "Time healed those wounds. But it took a while."

  • Ben Affleck


    As previously mentioned, Daredevil and its spin-off, Elektra, weren't exactly iconic movies, and it looks like another star involved in this franchise had a thing or two to say about it. Ben Affleck revealed his distaste for Daredevil that, to him, justified him taking on the superhero role of Bruce Wayne. "Part of it was I wanted for once to get one of these movies and do it right -- to do a good version. I hate Daredevil so much," he noted.

  • Halle Berry


    When Halle Berry got her turn at playing a Catwoman, the world was super excited ... only to be disappointed once the film was actually released. Berry took it all in stride, though, and during her acceptance of a Razzie Award she said, "I want to thank Warner Bros. for casting me in this piece-of-sh--, god-awful movie."


  • Carrie Fisher

    Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in Star Wars
    Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

    Even some of the most iconic, beloved characters are not liked by the stars who played them. Case in point: Carrie Fisher who said that she actually regrets taking the role of Princess Leia because of how famous the film got. "I would never have done it," she confessed. "All I did when I was really famous was wait for it to end."

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger


    Arnold Schwarzenegger has starred in a lot of amazing films -- Terminator, Kindergarten Cop, True Lies. But there 's one film from his past that he absolutely hates, and that's Red Sonja. "[It's] the worst film I have ever made," the action star once admitted. "When my kids get out of line, they're sent to their rooms and forced to watch Red Sonja 10 times. I never had too much trouble with them."

    Hey, we might try that advice with our own kids!

  • Alec Baldwin


    Ready to rock!? Alec Baldwin isn't. He called the film Rock of Ages, in which he had a supporting role, "a horrible movie."

    "It was a complete disaster,“ Alec told reporters. "A week in you go, 'Oh God, what have I done?'"

  • Matt Damon


    Matt Damon did an amazing job in the Bourne trilogy, but he he's not too fond of the third installment, The Bourne Ultimatum. In fact, he thinks screenwriter, Tony Gilroy, is tthe culprit. "I don't blame Tony for taking a boatload of money and handing in what he handed in," he once admitted. "It's just that it was unreadable. This is a career-ender. I mean, I could put this thing up on eBay and it would be game over for that dude. It's terrible. It's really embarrassing."


  • Michelle Pfeiffer


    We have to admit, we were a little bummed when we read Michelle Pfeiffer hated her role in Grease 2. "I hated that film with a vengeance and could not believe how bad it was. At the time I was young and didn't know any better."

    Well, we still love it!

  • Miley Cyrus


    Even career-making roles can be disliked by the actor who played them. Miley Cyrus discussed the negative effect Hanna Montana had on her. "I was told for so long what a girl is supposed to be from being on that show," she told Marie Claire. "I was made to look like someone that I wasn't, which probably caused some body dysmorphia because I had been made pretty every day for so long, and then when I wasn't on that show, it was like, Who the f*ck am I?"

  • Harrison Ford

    Harrison Ford in Blade Runner
    Warner Bros./Archive Photos/Getty Images

    Despite appearing in the 2017 remake, Harrison Ford revealed he was not a fan of the original Blade Runner.

    "I didn't like the movie one way or the other, with or without," the superstar confessed. "I played a detective who did not have any detecting to do. In terms of how I related to the material, I found it very difficult. There was stuff that was going on that was really nuts."

  • Matthew Goode


    Matthew Goode had very different reasons than artistic integrity when taking a role in Leap Year. "The main reason I took it is so that I could come home at the weekends," he told The Telegraph. "It wasn't because of the script, trust me. Do I feel I let myself down? No. Was it a bad job? Yes, it was. But, you know, I had a nice time and I got paid."

    ... and got to work with Amy Adams!

  • Rooney Mara


    For Rooney Mara, it was the issue of racial diversity that caused her to hate the role of Tiger Lily in the movie Pan. "I really hate, hate, hate that I am on that side of the whitewashing conversation," Mara said in a new interview with The Telegraph, when the conversation turned to the debate about diversity in Hollywood. "I really do. I don't ever want to be on that side of it again. I can understand why people were upset and frustrated."

  • Bruce Willis

    Bruce Willis
    Splash News

    For Hollywood mega-star Bruce Willis, it was not just a question of one film he hated being in, but rather there are "about a dozen" he'd love to get off his resume. While he never came straight out and revealed which dozen, Page Six took a guess -- Hudson Hawk, Mercury Rising, Hostage, and Surrogates among many others --  and we have to say, it looks pretty accurate.

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