Jill Duggar Forced to Defend Herself After Swatting a Wasp in Her Own House



She really should have expected this. Jill (Duggar) Dillard posted on social media that she swatted a wasp that had flown into her house last week, and all of a sudden she's a single-handedly destroying the environment. And of course she's also apparently a major hypocrite because she is a vocal pro-life advocate, but she kills wasps that fly into her house. According to keyboard warriors, at least.

  • Jill shared a couple of photos on Instagram on Friday, saying that she saved herself and her babies from a rogue wasp in her house. 

    "No, just no!" she wrote alongside the photos. "I spent several minutes yesterday trying to kill a wasp that come into the house and in the meantime also killed a bee, then killed ANOTHER wasp today! Israel was helping protect Sam while I kept telling him how I wished @derickdillard was home at that moment to kill the flying, stinging insect!! lol" 

    She added, "I HATE flying critters!!! Actually, I hate almost all bugs, but especially those that can actually do some harm...or look like they could!! Who else hates these things with a vengeance?!"

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  • She probably wasn't prepared for what came next.

    Critics immediately jumped into the comments to blast Jill's pro-life stance, because apparently insects are the same as unborn children. 

  • And of course she's destroying the environment.

  • Bees are precious! 

    Of course we need bees, and they are vital to our world, but when they come into the house? All bets are off. 

  • Thankfully some people seemed to have a modicum of sanity.

  • Jill even returned to the comments herself in defense. She wrote, "Y'all, seriously?! If it's in my home it's trespassing! I do try to take most critters outside, but some I just don't. And I got stung by a bee once on my foot and was on crutches for 3 days! Literally had to crawl everywhere! No joke! Even had to use a little scooter to get around one day since my entire family was at a theme park for the day. I'm not anti-bee, just don't like them close to me!"

      Jill has more than her fair share of haters out there, but we didn't know people could take it this far. We're pretty sure that if she hadn't killed the insects, people would be criticizing her for not protecting Israel and Sam. She's just never going to be able to win with some people.