Kylie Jenner Gets Heat for Ditching Stormi for Coachella

Kylie Jenner

Can't people leave a mom alone to have some fun without her baby in tow? Apparently not, because Kylie Jenner just got mom-shamed on social media for having the audacity to leave her 1-year-old daughter at home to enjoy a weekend away with her man. God forbid she ever do anything at all without her baby attached to her hip. Or something. 

  • Kylie posted a photo of her and Travis Scott kissing in front of a private plane over the weekend.

    The two were reportedly bound for Coachella, the California desert music festival that they met at two years ago. Now most normal people would call this an amazing anniversary trip or even a much-needed weekend away to reconnect -- but there are always a few people who apparently have nothing else to do in their lives than judge other people.

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  • It wasn't long before the mom-shamers jumped into the comments section on Kylie's post.

    Kylie didn't say, but we're pretty sure Stormi was well taken care of when this photo was snapped. She's an awesome mom, and we highly doubt that she just left her baby home alone while she skipped off to Coachella. Not only does Kylie have more than a billion dollars to hire the most competent nannies in the world, she also has large, tight-knit family who we're sure is more than willing to trade babysitting with her. 

  • Thankfully, fans came out on Kylie's side.

  • It's the second year in a row that Kylie has gotten hate for leaving her baby at home to attend Coachella. Last year, people started questioning what kind of mother she was after Kylie posted a photo wearing a pink wig and adding the caption,"I'm not a regular mom I'm a cool mom."

  • Can we please give Stormi's mom a break?

    All parents need time away from their kiddos. Kids even need time away from their parents to help them learn to create healthy attachments with other people. Kylie is such an awesome mom to Stormi. We hope that she doesn't let dumb comments on the Internet get to her. Somehow, we have a feeling she's just fine.