Kate Middleton & Prince William Spend a Rare 'Normal' Day Out With the Family

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Royals: They're just like us. Except for, you know, the whole living in a castle thing. Over the weekend, Kate Middleton and Prince William enjoyed a day out with their eldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Hanging out at a horse show with their extended family -- the Tindalls -- the Cambridges seemed to be having a delightful day outside with their kiddos -- and lucky for us, there are some ridiculously cute photos. 

  • The Duke and Duchess took George and Charlotte to Burnham Market International Horse Trials in Norfolk to cheer on William's cousin, Zara Tindall, as she rode. 

    While there, Zara's daughter, Mia Tindall, hitched a shoulder ride on top of her uncle Prince William's shoulders. Caring exactly zero about the fact that William is the future King of England, little Mia grabbed onto William's ears as if they were handles. Oh, children!

    Seeing that Mia was getting a ride, Princess Charlotte hopped onto mom Kate Middleton's shoulders, while George got a boost from his uncle, Mike Tindall. 

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  • The event has become a family affair, what with bouncy castles and a circus workshop for little ones. 

    Obviously, everyone had fun. Look at the smiling faces of Kate and George. So fun to see them looking so normal. 

  • Prince George pretty much lived his best life at the event. 

    The future king did everything from ride his uncle's shoulders to jump in a bouncy castle to wield a sword next to his mother. 

    Really, does life get much better for a 5-year-old boy? 

    And man, look how big Prince George is getting. What a handsome little chap!

  • And for anyone thinking Prince George and Princess Charlotte are spoiled brats -- sorry, haters, but you're wrong. 

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    According to onlookers, the kids were all extremely well-behaved and polite. A source told the Daily Mail: "They were just like any other family, enjoying a day out and having a lovely time. There were no tantrums thrown by the kids and they all seemed very down to earth. A few people noticed them, but generally everyone just carried on as normal."

  • Typically, when we see the Cambridge kiddos, it's at a formal event, such as a royal tour or Trooping the Color. 

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    Of course, we love seeing them then (we'll take what we can get!), but catching a candid glimpse of them is just so sweet, and it gives us a small peek into how normal they are. 

    Hope everyone had a great family day! And don't worry, Prince Louis. Next year you'll be there, too. On someone's shoulders, we presume.