Meghan Markle Likely Has One Very Good Reason for Not Making a Post-Birth Appearance

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Royal fans couldn't be more excited about Baby Sussex being born, and that's why we couldn't help but be a little disappointed to hear that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not be publicly announcing their little one's birth until they have "celebrated privately as a family."

The first glimpse of the new royal is expected to come via Harry and Meghan's new Instagram account, as the two of them will not be posing on the steps outside the hospital (or wherever Meg gives birth) as Kate Middleton and Prince William did with each of their three children.


Royal commenter Victoria Arbiter spoke to Entertainment Tonight, and she has a theory on why Meghan decided making a post-birth appearance isn't for her. "I think the main reason Meghan has chosen not to do the photograph outside the hospital is because she simply doesn't want the pressure of having to look photo-fabulous after she's just had a baby," she says.

Huh. Yeah, that makes sense. Although Kate Middleton pulled off her post-birth appearances like a total pro, we couldn't help but wonder what she was really feeling while donning a huge grin on her face and giving a royal wave. Surely she had to be overwhelmed, exhausted, and ready to get home and out of the spotlight, so we can't blame Meghan for wanting to take some time to bond with her baby in private.

Besides, Harry and Meg are blessed with a little more freedom than Will and Kate as far as living their lives on their own terms goes, so we really shouldn't be all that surprised that they've chosen to forgo tradition yet again.

The baby countdown is officially on, and we'll be anxiously awaiting news from the palace that Meghan is in labor. Hey, at least they're telling us that much. 

For more on Meghan's impending birth, check out ET's report.

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