Kim Kardashian Gives Fans a Glimpse Inside Her $60 Million Mansion

Kim Kardashian Kanye West and kids

We all know that money is no object for Kim Kardashian (must be nice), but after getting a new glimpse inside her $60 million mansion? Yeah. We can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to live in this level of luxury.

This clip from Entertainment Tonight shows Kim taking viewers from room to room of her stunning abode, which has not one but two kitchens. Apparently one is the "show" kitchen and the other is the "staff" kitchen, which also happens to be where North, Saint, and Chicago like to hang out.


Not surprisingly, Kim also has more than one closet in her mega-master suite, including one that is -- wait for it -- just for her shoes and handbags. It's so big that she could practically hold an evening reception in there, or at least a small get together with a few friends. 

Did we mention that her master bathroom appears to be bigger than some people's homes? It's enormous. And it has a huge Japanese soaking tub in the middle of it and a shower that has floor to ceiling glass. Man. Thank God she doesn't have to clean that thing herself.

Kim is livin' the dream right about now, after just having landed her first solo Vogue cover. She also just announced that she plans on taking the bar exam in an effort to become a lawyer in 2020, so it sounds as if she shows no signs of slowing down -- even though baby number four is on the way.

We aren't sure exactly when Kim's surrogate is due, but the family sure is excited about the impending arrival. Two boys and two girls ... their house will be full!

Wait until you see more of Kim's home in this video. Go ahead -- try not to be jealous.

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