Stephanie Pratt Calls Heidi Montag a 'Gold Digger' in Epic Rant

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Spencer Pratt, Heidi Pratt, Stephanie Pratt
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With just a couple of months to go until The Hills: New Beginnings premieres on MTV, Stephanie Pratt is dropping bombshells about brother Spencer Pratt and his wife, Heidi Montag. On Monday's episode of her Pratt Cast podcast, Stephanie called Spencer and Heidi "toxic" -- and that's just the beginning.

Apparently, Stephanie and Spencer aren't even on speaking terms these days, and things between them keep getting worse.

  • According to Stephanie, it all unraveled when Heidi refused to offer her champagne during a recent Hills shoot.

    Steph's had enough, and even though her mom is upset about what the drama could do to their family, the reality star refuses to be a part of the madness any longer. She even said she's "not going to pretend" that Spencer and Heidi are "good people" like she did when they filmed The Hills the first time -- ouch.

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  • "The behavior that I've seen … I’m done. This is why I moved to London," Stephanie confessed on Pratt Cast.

    Spencer Pratt and Stephanie Pratt
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    "They are the most toxic people I've ever met," she continued. "They are Bonnie and Clyde till they die. So if they say, 'The sky is black,' all of us are morons for saying, 'It's blue' … I'm going to expose them for who they are."

  • She also blamed Heidi for her bad relationship with her brother, calling her a "gold digger."

    "If it weren’t for Heidi, I would have an epic relationship with my brother. So would my parents. … I've tried to be nice to her for 10 years because I love my brother. A few weeks into filming, [Spencer and I] started communicating more, just the two of us. It was like I was back in high school with him. I couldn't have been happier … It never changes. They flip the switch on me."

    If that's really how it played out, that has to be hard for Stephanie and her family to deal with. And considering the drama we've seen from Spencer and Heidi in the past, what she's saying isn't that far fetched.

  • Some think that Stephanie is just trying to get good ratings for the reboot ...

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    TBH, the reactions about this is making us wanna watch to see how the drama goes down on The Hills revival. Kinda makes ya wonder why all of this is coming out now.


  • Others aren't convinced that Heidi's a very good "gold digger" because Spencer's not exactly flush with cash these days.

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    True ... but his parents do have money.

    Heidi and Spencer have been together for a long time -- longer than most gold diggers would probably stick around. Plus, the pair have been in front of reality cameras of some sort since The Hills went off the air in 2010.

  • We're *really* interested to see how this all plays out on this upcoming season.

    Spencer Pratt, Stephanie Pratt, Heidi Montag
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    We thought that everything was fine with the Pratts, so this is kinda coming out of left field. (Consider our curiosity officially piqued.)

    And being that there is obvious tension between Heidi, Spencer, and Stephanie, didn't that make filming really awkward? At the very least, this is going to make for some really good reality TV, and we are HERE for it. 

    Is it June 24 yet? We'll be counting down the days.