20 Times Khloe Kardashian Inspired Us With Her Realness

Kayla Gleeson | Apr 12, 2019 Celebrities
20 Times Khloe Kardashian Inspired Us With Her Realness
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In the turmoil-filled world of the Kardashians, there's nothing more inspiring than seeing how Khloe Kardashian has dealt with the Tristan Thompson drama. Seeing such a strong, independent woman hold her head up as she continues to set a great example for little True Thompson is straight up remarkable. 

The fact of the matter is, Khloe has a multitude of different ways to deal with the demons in her life. From projecting literary positivity out into the world, to being brutally honest to people on Twitter, Khloe pulls no punches when it comes to her realness.

Despite getting real toward certain individuals on social media (cough cough Jordyn Woods cough cough) she doesn't let her anger control her. Instead, she fights her battles by turning those emotions into love and passion. As Khloe said on her New Year's Instagram post, "Life does not always go as planned, but the beauty of it is, that it can surprise you in any moment with the sweetest of serendipity. The key is to keep moving forward, keep smiling, keep being a positive ray of light in a somewhat dark world!" 

We're truly inspired by the way Khloe stands up for herself, her family, and the rights of others every day. Through positivity and perseverance, we begin our favorite inspiring Khloe moments with another Khlo-quote: "Start each day with a grateful, loving heart. Be truly grateful and that will create a ripple effect of karma and blessings. You get what you give in anything you do."

  • Breastfeeding Blues


    It's good to see Khloe be so honest about breastfeeding! No shaming, here -- Khloe is 100% communicative and open.

  • Gratefulness


    "Start each day with a grateful happy heart." Khloe writes. "Count your blessings over your burdens. Smile, you got this!"

  • Don't Compare


    Here here, Khloe. We have to start boosting each other up for our differences, rather than let them tear us apart.

  • Positivity


    "I believe in you, your abilities and you heart! Stay positive about everything. Each one of us, is simply trying to figure it all out."

  • Mommy Guilt


    Khloe speaks the truth once more! Parting is such sweet sorrow when it comes to a little one -- but Khloe's openness creates an honest conversation about it!

  • Royalty


    "Straighten your crown and keep it moving!" Khloe royally scribes on Insta. "We are all Kings and Queens [...] Crown mentality."

  • Done With Shaming


    Mommy shamers can pack their bags, now. We're glad Khloe's able to stand up to people who go after her -- it's a lot of pressure, but definitely inspiring.

  • Living for the Moment


    "You’ll never get the same moment twice. Appreciate this moment," Khloe sagely advises. True that, Khlo!

  • Public Call-Out


    Khloe wasted no time calling Jordyn out on her attempt to quell the Tristan Thompson drama. You go, Khlo. Keep it real.

  • Good Vibes


    "Your brain is a muscle- Start training it to see the positive side of things. Positive Mind = Positive Vibes." She's so wise!

  • Pregnancy Peak


    Through all the trials and tribulations of Khloe's birth and pregnancy, the fact that she was able to have such a positive outlook is truly inspiring! Good for you, Khloe.

  • Fearless


    Khloe's got the right idea: "Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire." From what we've seen, Khloe's conquered fear on every corner.

  • On Imperfections


    Total honesty means growth. Khloe's been through enough to know that bad times and poor choices can still lead to a better self.

  • Realness on Happiness


    Khloe believes that "you will be exactly as happy as you decide to be." Spoken like a true captain of her own destiny.

  • Compassion & Change


    These are some real bars, Khlo. Being there for each other through times of change is pinnacle for growth. Always lend a hand!

  • True Feminism


    "Shout out to women who compliment and uplift rather than complain and tear down!!" Khloe writes, cheering on her fellow women to be more positive. "You a baddie!!!"

  • Online Negativity

    khloe kardashian microphone
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    Khloe's Instagram wisdom strikes again: "If you have time or energy to complain, write negative comments or surf the web, then you have time to be grateful, make someone smile or find ways to grow. We all are given the same amount of hours in the day but we must use those hours with a kinder, more present mindset. Kindness is magical- pass it on."

  • Skin Deep


    Khloe is having NONE of the BS from people targeting True's skin color. Seeing Khloe encourage all skin tones gives us hope for a better future.

  • Vocalizing Her Stance


    "So proud and inspired by the youth of our country! Proud to see them using their voices to make a real change!" Khloe expresses on Insta. "As a nation we spend trillions of dollars fighting wars overseas, yet, sadly, we cannot protect our own children here at home! [...] Their voices will be heard! Welcome to the revolution."

  • Head Held High


    Forgiveness is a powerful thing. Despite everything Tristan did, it's remarkable how strong Khloe remained for the sake of True.

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