Celebrity Engagements of 2019 Thus Far

Bethany Quinn | Apr 9, 2019 Celebrities
Celebrity Engagements of 2019 Thus Far

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Celebrity love is fantastic. We get to live vicariously though our favorite stars as they get the top proposals and fantastic engagement rings. While Hollywood romances are fickle to say the least, the beginnings are usually magical, and we are here for it! There's something so romantic about watching Hollywood stars profess their undying love in such a big way. And we know that with a celeb engagement comes a celeb wedding, with pictures of dresses and cakes and venues to swoon over. We can always count on celebrities to keep us interested with news of an upcoming wedding.

Ahh isn't (Hollywood) love grand?!

We're just a few months into 2019, and already the celebrity engagements are already starting to add up. (There's 20 in this list alone!) It seems as if every week another couple is getting engaged, and we know there will be plenty more as the year goes on. When celebs propose they usually go all out -- that means a big ring, a big announcement, and of course, all the social media gushing that follows.

Even celebs have to keep up with the Instagram competition.

The most private of stars can't help but flaunt their love publicly once they become engaged. From athletes, to movie stars, singers and realty TV stars, everyone in show business is popping the question this year! These couples are headed for wedded bliss. What comes after, we can't guarantee, but for now we can celebrate the magic of love with these Hollywood stars.

Here are 20 celebrity engagements of 2019 thus far.

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