20 of Meghan Markle's Best Encounters With Fans

20 of Meghan Markle's Best Encounters With Fans
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Unlike most members of the royal family, Meghan Markle is gregarious -- and it goes without saying that her fans absolutely love this about her. Instead of merely walking by and waving at a crowd of well-wishers, the Duchess of Sussex gets up close and personal with the people who came out to catch a glimpse of her. She shakes hands. She hugs. She gets down on people's level. And we must say, it's quite adorable to watch and a welcome change from the normally stoic royal family.

While it's been rumored that Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton hold their clutch bags with both hands in front of them to avoid having too much physical contact with overly enthusiastic fans, Meghan Markle has become famous for doing the opposite. From the moment she went on her first official royal engagement, she let it be known that, like Princess Diana, she was going to be a people's princess when it comes to her adoring fans. 

Whether her "American" behavior has been frowned upon by higher-ups in the royal family or not, it doesn't seem like the Duchess of Sussex has any plans to change the way she interacts with commoners -- and it actually seems like her behavior is rubbing off on Prince Harry, too!

From sweet hugs to cracking up at jokes, here are 20 of Meghan Markle's best fan encounters. 

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