Did Kylie Jenner Just Hint That She's Pregnant Again?

Kylie Jenner

Is Kylie Jenner expecting? Stormi's mom may have just dropped a major hint on Instagram that she's in the family way again, just over a year after welcoming her first child to the world with boyfriend Travis Scott. 

  • Kylie posted a cryptic manicure photo to her page on Wednesday.

    She added the caption, "back at it again with nail bae," and tagged her friend Heather Sanders. Kylie's nails are painted pink, while Heather's are blue. It could be a nod to their children, who were born around the same time -- Stormi in February 2018, and Heather's son in March 2018 -- or could it mean more?

    Commenters were quick to speculate, questioning things like, "Is this some type of pregnancy announcement?? Boy or girl?? Pink n blue??" Another person wrote, "All I'm saying is.... that’s baby colors."

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  • Kylie ignited pregnancy rumors multiple times in recent months, including with this pic, captioned simply with, "baby #2?"

    Although she later clarified in the comments that she was not pregnant by answering, "no lol," people were still wondering if she was secretly pregnant. When Kylie shared a video of her 1-year-old being extremely snuggly a few weeks ago, fans were convinced that it's because Stormi could sense that her mama is expecting again. 

  • This nail thing could have merit, though. She shared this manicure photo when she was secretly pregnant with Stormi in November 2017.

    She captioned it with "shoot day" and a heart emoji, and fans quickly suspected that she was subtly announcing that she was pregnant with a girl, and doing a maternity photo shoot. We later found out that she was indeed pregnant with a girl, and also doing a maternity photo shoot. 

  • Only time will tell if Kylie is really expecting again, but honestly, we wouldn't be surprised. 

    Even though she's been open several times about not having immediate plans for baby number two, she sure talks about it an awful lot. We're just saying that it's obviously something she's thought about, and hey -- it's not like she can't afford it. We're pretty sure the world's youngest self-made billionaire can have a second baby if she wants.