Olivia Jade Faces Yet Another Embarrassing Setback

olivia jade
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Just when we thought the Lori Loughlin college admissions scandal couldn't get any more embarrassing for her family, it looks like Olivia Jade has another reason to hide at home away from the world. Entertainment Tonight obtained documents from the U.S. Patent & Trademark office, and it seems that a trademark application filed by Olivia has been rejected. 

Apparently she attempted to trademark her name, Olivia Jade, along with her makeup label, Olivia Jade Beauty, but she was unsuccessful -- and the reason why is just ... humiliating.


According to the documents, Olivia's application was "too vague," and had poor punctuation. Huh. Poor punctuation from a gal who never went to class. Imagine that. In the video clip below, ET explains in more detail exactly where Olivia went wrong with her commas and such. Being that she also supposedly couldn't fill out her own college application, we probably shouldn't be all that surprised by this report.

Man. The hits just keep on coming. ET also revealed earlier this week that Olivia has not dropped out of USC as was previously reported, which only adds to the uncertainty of her future at this point.

But between mom Lori being fired from the Hallmark Channel and removed from the final season of Fuller House, and Olivia losing her sponsorships with Sephora and Tresemme, it's pretty safe to say this family is learning a very hard lesson about where being dishonest in life will get you.

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