Olivia Jade's Status as a Student at USC Is Still Up in the Air

lori loughlin daughters
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The whole college admissions scandal that's mainly centered on actress Lori Loughlin and her daughters, Bella and Olivia Jade, certainly isn't going away anytime soon. I mean ... the idea of Aunt Becky possibly winding up behind bars is enough to keep us interested for months, right? 

At any rate, the family has been laying low and has stayed well out of the spotlight since the news of the scandal broke, and as far as we knew, both Isabella and Olivia had dropped out of USC, you know, since they weren't even admitted on their own merit to begin with.


But according to Entertainment Tonight, it sounds like there is more going on behind the scenes as far as the status of Isabella and Olivia Jade's future in terms of education. Get this one -- apparently the two of them are still enrolled at USC, and supposedly there is a good reason as to why neither one of them has officially dropped out, as ET explains in the video below.

Part of the footage includes the clip of Olivia Jade telling her fans that the only parts of college she was excited about were (sports) games and partying, and that she "doesn't really care about school." If there was any initial inclination to feel a little sorry for her, based on the fact that she's still a teenager and can't be held responsible for her parents' actions, seeing her act so entitled about her educational experience is enough to shift my opinion. (Holy spoiled.) 

If nothing else, hopefully she's learned her lesson, and she will think twice about taking the privileges life has afforded her for granted. One can dream ...

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