Mama June's Boyfriend Goes on Epic Rant After Their Drug Arrest

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Mama June Shannon and boyfriend Geno Doak
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Looks like someone isn't happy and wants to set the record straight. Mama June's boyfriend is sounding off in a head-turning rant that has many people sounding off at the reality star. Needless to say, he made time in his day and is definitely not holding back.

  • Geno took to the 'Gram to share a colorful photo that comes with a message about his kids.

    "Contrary to what some may lead you to believe I do not have any children that are frightened of me," Geno Doak wrote in his Instagram post. "I've been beyond nice and will continue to be as long as my image and me are left alone. Call my bluff if you must. Thank you have a day."

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  • His post comes after police arrested him and Mama June after a "domestic incident" at a gas station.

    Mama June Shannon and Geno Doak's mug shots after drug arrest
    Macon County Sheriff/Splash/Splash News; Macon County Sheriff/Splash/Splash News

    Apparently, authorities arrested Mama June and Geno on drug charges on March 13 after reportedly finding needles, a pipe, and "white powder" that turned out to be crack cocaine. Mama June was arrested on charges of "felony possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia," and Geno on charges of "felony possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia, in addition to domestic violence/harassment."

  • Welp, people took the opportunity to throw a few digs Geno's way.

    Instagram comments

    Although a few people did try to stick up for Mama June's man, most were focused on criticizing Geno about his recent arrest and how he's likely a bad influence on the From Not to Hot star -- especially given part of his reported charges centered on domestic violence.

  • It seems Geno wants to set the record straight and is calling out both TMZ and Wendy Williams so he can share his story.

    Instagram comments

    Given Wendy recently revealed she's in a sobriety house -- and outlets are reporting her husband welcomed a love child with his alleged mistress (double yikes) -- something tells us she's likely busy handling her own dramas.

  • Yeah, we're gonna leave this one alone.

    Outside of not knowing what specifically triggered Geno to go on his rant (outside of his drug arrest and his less than stellar appearance on Mama June: From Not to Hot, of course), this is all a big mess. Reports of domestic violence and drugs might make people question how any children possibly in the mix are doing, so questions (and concerns) about that don't seem that far-fetched.

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