20 Times Kylie Jenner Proved She's Business-Savvy

Kayla Gleeson | Mar 26, 2019 Celebrities
20 Times Kylie Jenner Proved She's Business-Savvy

kylie jenner

Young millionaires and billionaires are few and far between. Or, at the least, ones who can successfully run their own businesses are hard to come by. If there's one thing that sets Kylie Jenner apart from her sisters, it's the fact that her brand name is the most profitable out of any business endeavor the sisters have embarked on. We gotta take her net worth into account, too. She's officially a billionaire. None of her sisters even make the $100 million range. Seriously, even with all three Kardashian sisters combined with Kendall Jenner, they're still not even close.

Kylie Cosmetics is no joke -- so what is it about Kylie that makes her such a great business leader?

It's silly to think that just because of someone's age they aren't capable of building a brand. Kylie may only be 21, but nothing's stopped her from achieving her goals and living her dreams. Even though she's not completely self-made (those Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner's funds certainly helped give her a leg up in life), it still takes a special kind of mind to manage all the facets of a business. 

For example, Kylie is always connecting with her audience. Through meet and greets, public appearances, or even just simple shoutouts on Insta, she lets her fans know she cares. Plus, she's always keeping us in the loop about her new releases -- pop-up stores are definitely getting more common for Kylie. Also, did we mention her charity work? Because she's donated tons to charity -- she is a Smile Ambassador, after all.

This woman means business, no doubt -- and here are 20 times she proved just that!

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