Jill Duggar Gets Heat for Giving Her Son a Toothbrush as a 'Reward'

Jill Duggar Kids

As a parent, you're supposed to provide your kids with certain basic necessities. Food, shelter, clothing ... you know, basics. Jill (Duggar) Dillard just stepped in it on Instagram on Friday, when she admitted that she makes her 3-year-old son Israel "earn" his toothbrush. Say what now?

  • The former Counting On star shared a series of photos from running errands with her sons, Israel, 3, and Sam, 1. 

    While some fans couldn't stop staring at her jeans (Duggar girls allegedly aren't allowed to wear pants until they get married), others were more shocked by Jill's caption on the photos. She wrote, "Shopping with the boys for Israel’s new toothbrush and toothpaste reward he earned after he finished a school book."

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  • Yeah, we thought toothbrushes were just something you bought for a kid, not a reward.

  • Now the Duggars are known for living a strict and sheltered life. For example, TV was never allowed in Jim Bob and Michelle's house. They also don't take their kids to the beach or public pools, because they might see people in bathing suits. They don't even wear regular bathing suits

    The Duggar kids have undoubtedly been "denied" a lot in their lives, but toothbrushes and toothpaste? That seems extreme, even for this family. 

  • Jill had some defenders that pointed out that toothbrushes could totally be a "reward."

    In all fairness, that is true. Israel is holding onto a pretty snazzy toothbrush in the photos Jill shared, and it's hardly considered neglect to buy your kids the plain old brushes. We really doubt that Jill has been withholding basic hygiene items for her kiddos, no matter how her critics want to spin it. 

    But she really could've worded her post better.