Princess Diana's Niece Says Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Changed Her Life

Kitty Spencer
Image via Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images for Bulgari

There's a "new" royal on the scene, and she looks awfully familiar. Lady Kitty Spencer is the daughter of the late Princess Diana's brother, Charles Spencer, and despite being fiercely protective of her private life, she's gained quite the following over the past several months.

It all started when the professional model attended her cousin Harry's wedding with Meghan Markle in May at Windsor Castle. Her stunning good looks caught more than one person's eye, and apparently, her life was changed in a big way overnight. 


The 28-year-old has worked as a professional model for years, but has remained largely out of the public eye. Although there was a rumor a few years ago that she and Harry might have a romantic connection. Yeah, even though they're first cousins. Say what now?

Apparently, an insider reported in 2015, "[Prince Harry] says [Kitty] is his idea of perfection. [Harry's] eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw photos of [Kitty] in a figure-flaunting bikini." We're going to take that rumor with a giant grain of salt, because even though it used to be totally normal for royal cousins to get married, Harry is definitely a modern royal, and we have no doubt that he'd ever consider dating his first cousin.  

Kitty never commented on those rumors, and reportedly doesn't even talk much about William and Harry as a general rule. She keeps mum on the private life of her cousins "out of respect," and prefers to keep her life private as well. Somehow though, we have a feeling this isn't the last we'll be seeing of Kitty Spencer. 

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