Rumors JWoww & Pauly D Are Dating Won't Let Up

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JWoww and Pauly D Jersey Shore
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Out with the old, in with the ... castmate? Ever since news broke JWoww and Roger Mathews are divorcing, people have been wondering -- outside of all the deets about what happened -- if the reality star mom will ever lock romantic eyes with her Jersey Shore costar again. Rumors are swirling JWoww and Pauly D are dating that has people from their camp ready to set the record straight.
  • To recap, Pauly D recently helped plan JWoww's birthday bash.

    The mom of two was quite pleased with her "ultimate birthday surprise" that included friends, cake, and lots of booze.

    (Hey, mamas got to live, too.)
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  • Fans quickly started questioning if these two were more than just buds and castmates as the gesture was pretty sweet.

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    We've seen a lot of random and unexpected hookups as of late. (Looking at Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale.)

    Then again, these two do have a bit of history -- so anything is possible!
  • Pauly D and JWoww messed around during the first season of Jersey Shore.

    The Situation, Snooki, Pauly D, and JWoww
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    These two got their smushing in, though the romance (or fling rather) was pretty short-lived. JWoww and Roger met shortly after, which led to the birth of their daughter, Meilani, now 4, saying "I do" and welcoming son Greyson in 2016.

    Sadly (or maybe not), JWoww and Roger split in late 2018, with the relationship between the two coming into question. Roger's epic social media rant in November -- accusing JWoww of lying to make herself look good -- soon had the celeb mom accusing Roger of physical abuse. (Yikes.) Roger is now seeking "reasonable child support," according to reports, so who knows what else will happen as these two consciously uncouple.

  • But people close to the pair say don't expect a repeat.

    "JWoww and Pauly D find it comical that a story came out about them dating," a source close to JWoww exclusively tells about reports they're dating. "They are both laughing over the fact that people are romantically linking them together again. There's absolutely no truth to any of it. They love each other dearly as friends, but that's it."

    "JWoww and Pauly have nothing but love for one another and are very dear friends and would do anything for one another. However, Jenni isn't thinking about dating right now, nor would she look at Pauly like that. She's so focused on her skincare line Naturally Woww and her kids. Pauly is getting ready to do a dating show with BFF Vinny (Guadagnino), too."
  • So yeah, don't hold your breath.

    JWoww and Pauly D
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    For starters, they're friends. (We're not sure if "benefits" are involved at this point, so we'll just say no.) Plus, Pauly D and Vinny have a dating show where the two bachelors -- spoofing The Bachelor -- are looking for love.

    It ain't happening.