Channing Tatum Goes Bleach Blond in New Look

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Channing Tatum
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Out with the old, and in with the new! Channing Tatum debuted a blond new look that has the Internet completely shook. He looks so different, and yet, so fine as people are still swooning over the celeb single dad -- blond hair and all!
  • Channing took to Instagram Stories to share his new look with the world.

    Is Channing going blond a "bad idea"?

    Guess you'll have to be the judge!

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  • It appears there might be a touch of regret,

    Or maybe not, as Channing could just have an eff it sort of mentality and just roll with it. After all, no one can bleach his hair without his permission -- assuming Chan didn't do it himself.

    (Who knows?)

  • But if we're being honest, we kind of like it.

    Blond. Brunette. Redhead. Black hair.

    We don't care.

    Channing Tatum is one sexy dad, and we'll take him in all shapes and forms.

  • And it appears others do, too.

    Instagram comments

    Folks have been sounding off on The Shade Room's Instagram post in response to Channing's new look. It's different, but they don't think it looks too terrible and would slide up to him with the utmost quickness.

    (Sorry, Jessie J.)

  • ... or do they?

    Judging by Channing's poll on his Instagram Stories post, it would appear more than half of his followers aren't digging his new look -- though 42 percent of people do say they like it.

    That's not terrible.

  • Bottom line: Do you, Channing.

    We all have one life to live, so why not live it up by doing what makes ya happy? So long as it's not illegal or putting yourself or a child in harm's way, if ya want to bleach your hair, bleach your hair.

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