21 Celebrities Who Made Up After a Nasty Feud

Samantha Sutton | Mar 15, 2019 Celebrities
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Shannen Doherty and Jenni Garth
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In many ways, Hollywood is a lot like being back in high school. There are plenty of cliques and elite groups of friends. People are in constant competition with one another, striving to be considered the best and most popular. And, no matter what the latest celebrity scandal is -- from those cheating on their significant others to those cheating to get their kids into college -- it'll likely blow over in about a week or two, when there's nothing new left to say on the subject. 

(This, of course, applies to anything that's not Jennifer Aniston's love life, because for some odd reason, people can't seem to let that die or let the woman be happy.)

Unsurprisingly, this rule also applies when it comes to celebrity feuds

The fights that make headlines one day end up becoming yesterday's news the next. And while some of those larger spats can often snowball and last for months or even years (*cough-cough,* Taylor Swift and Kanye West, *cough-cough*) we have seen that it's possible for folks to kiss and make up after a matter of days. The key is that everyone needs to admit when they were wrong, that they spoke without knowing the full story, or that they allowed themselves to get a little too bold over Twitter. 

Hey, if some of the greats can become best friends with their ex-husband's mistress, anyone can admit that a the joke they made didn't land the way they wanted it to, or that they simply misunderstood what was being said.

We're round up 21 of our favorite celebrity fights, many of which were pretty ugly when they first began, but ultimately ended up getting resolved.

  • Ariana Grande & Piers Morgan


    After getting into a Twitter argument over Ellen, Little Mix, and using nudity to sell records, it turned out that all these two needed to make peace was to put down the technology and meet face to  face. When they bumped into each other at an LA restaurant, they apparently had some laughs and a "productive conversation," according to Ariana, leading them to realize they actually can get along and like each other.

  • Lady Gaga & Madonna


    Ever since the early days of her career, Lady Gaga's bold style has been compared to that of Madonna -- and the comparisons only continued when her song "Born This Way" sounded an awful lot like "Express Yourself." Madonna brought their feud into the public eye, and Lady Gaga addressed it in her Five Foot Two documentary, saying that she always admired the star and still did. Looks like Madonna got the message, since the two took a snuggly photo together at the 2019 Oscars.

  • Taylor Swift & Katy Perry

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    It all started when Taylor Swift did an interview with Rolling Stone, where she spoke about how the song "Bad Blood" was about a friend who tried to "sabotage an entire arena tour." That friend was Katy Perry, who hired some of the dancers that had been working with Tay. While there were curious tweets, subtle shade, and even interviews that mentioned the fight, Katy Perry brought it to an end when she sent Taylor a literal olive branch and a sweet note.

  • Taylor Swift & Kanye West

    Jeff Kravitz/MTV1415/FilmMagic/Getty Images

    One of the most awkward moments in award show history was when Kanye West took the microphone from Taylor Swift at the MTV VMAs and essentially said that Beyonce deserved to win. From there, things were rocky at best, but two eventually made peace and Taylor even presented Kanye with an award. 

    However, they weren't pals for long, and ended up fighting again over a song lyric, prompting Kim Kardashian to call Taylor a snake. The singer ended up turning it into a positive, though, using snakes as a symbol for her album Reputation.

  • Taylor Swift & Nicki Minaj


    Again, sometimes social media can lead to misunderstandings. When Nicki Minaj tweeted, "If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year," about the MTV VMAs, Taylor thought it was directed at her. She responded to the tweet and things got tense -- Nicki wasn't talking about Tay, after all. 

    The two did make up, though, and went on to perform together at the show. But Nicki also collaborated with Katy Perry afterward, so perhaps it is completely over.

  • Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, & Miley Cyrus

    Jaimie Trueblood/Disney Channel/ABC via Getty Images

    Back during their Disney Channel days, both Miley and Selena dated Nick Jonas, and Miley once posted a video mocking a clip that Demi and Selena had made. So, it's safe to say that, at least to the outside world, they didn't seem like besties. Fast forward to 2019 though, and they all seem to have left that kid stuff in the past, even sharing old clips and pictures from their younger years when they all used to hang.

  • Drake Bell & Josh Peck