Jeremy Vuolo Criticized Over His Latest Innocent Photo of Felicity

Jeremy Vuolo, Felicity Vuolo

No matter how cute Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo's baby girl is, some people are always going to skip right ever that and find any reason to be upset about photos of her. For example, Jinger's hubby, Jeremy Vuolo, just posted a sweet pic of their baby daughter to Instagram, yet comments are rolling in about the dangerous "toy" she's holding onto. 

  • Jer shared this photo of Felicity with a water bottle. 

    He added the caption, "She has good taste." You know, because she's holding onto an expensive bottle of imported sparkling water. No tap for this little darling! 

    It's a cute photo, and that should be the end of the story. Of course it's not, though. 

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  • One fan opened it up by daring to suggest a home remedy for a teething baby. 

    Considering that Felicity is 8 months old, we're pretty sure she has been teething or will be soon. Having something cold to gnaw on is a trick used by parents to help soothe teething babies since as long as we've had refrigeration. 

  • Another fan responded that freezing a glass water bottle is dangerous.

    We know reading is hard, but we missed the part in the original comment where they said to use a glass bottle. They also didn't suggest putting the exact bottle Felicity was playing with in the freezer. Just a general parenting tip. 

  • Another user jumped on the frozen glass bottle train, before backtracking and adding that even frozen plastic bottles aren't safe. 

  • Who knew cold plastic was so dangerous for babies?

  • This person is apparently an expert, though, having babysat and having had younger siblings. 

    Look. We're pretty sure that Felicity is safely supervised at all times by her parents. They are pretty obsessed with her after all, as most new parents are with their babies. And just like most babies, Felicity is fascinated by everyday objects and would rather have what her parents are holding than some baby rattle. 

  • The funny thing about this particular debate is that it's really a moot point.

    People can argue all day long about what's safe for a baby to teeth on, but Felicity clearly isn't chewing on anything in this photo. She's just smiling and having a grand old time. We hope she never reads the comments. They're kind of ridiculous.