Meghan Markle Is Losing Another Aide & People Have Feelings

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After getting slack the past few months for being "demanding" and a "diva," another trusted aide of Meghan Markle's is quitting. According to People, Meghan's private secretary, Amy Pickerill, will be leaving her position after Baby Sussex is born in April. Evidently, Pickerill agreed to stay on board to help Meghan and Prince Harry transition into parenthood (and their new home at Windsor's Frogmore Cottage) -- but after that, it's on to greener pastures. 

  • According to reports, the reason behind Pickerill's departure is an overseas move.  

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    Once Pickerill leaves her position at Kensington Palace, she's making a move abroad for reasons not yet disclosed. And don't worry -- there isn't any ill will between her and the duchess. “They will stay in touch and Amy will remain as a personal adviser to her in the longer term. They are very close,” a source said. “It is very amicable.”

    The insider also added that Pickerill has been “instrumental in helping the duchess adjust to her new life in the U.K."

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  • Of course, despite there being no reported drama, royal fans are speculating up a storm on Twitter. 

    Somehow, we think Pickerill didn't say "no way, no thanks" to Meghan when she handed in her notice. 

  • Another user assumes the duchess is "really bossy." 

  • One fan assumes the palace is being hyperbolic in saying that Pickerill will remain an advisor. 

  • And some are assuming Pickerill is leaving because she's pregnant. 

  • People can speculate all they want, but at the end of the day, it's doubtful we'll ever get the real story behind Pickerill's departure. 

    With other members of Meghan's staff quitting in the last few months as well, everyone is naturally going to assume it has something to do with Meghan being demanding. 

    From where we're sitting, though, it seems as if Meghan and Pickerill got on just fine -- and being that she's moving abroad, there's obviously more to the story. 

    Stop blaming everything on Meghan, people. Really, it's just getting old at this point.