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When it comes to style, Kate Middleton has it down. It's safe to say the Duchess of Cambridge is yet to have sartorial misstep since joining the royal family in 2011. And there's a reason for that. Kate knows what works for her, and it isn't too often she takes crazy fashion risks. Though she always looks incredible, Kate, for the most part, sticks with tried-and-true styles (looking at you, knee-length dresses and skirts). However, once in a while, when she's feeling frisky, Kate shows off her legs with an outfit. 

And she looks darn good. 

Although it's a supposed royal rule that women in the family always wear nude pantyhose, on occasion, Kate forgoes the stockings and bares her incredible legs. (Meghan Markle does the same now and again, as well.) Sometimes, stockings just aren't going to work with an outfit and Kate knows it. (Not-so-coincidentally, Kate chooses these occasions wisely -- i.e. when she's not with Queen Elizabeth.)

A lifelong fitness fanatic, Kate is super strong and extremely toned -- and her (crazy long!) legs are no exception. When the Duchess of Cambridge wears something on the shorter side or with a high slit, it's noticeable. In the best way possible, of course. 

From gorgeous gowns at galas to laid-back maxis on"vacation," here are 20 times we couldn't help but stare at Kate Middleton's fantastic legs. 

Kate Middleton