20 of Jill Duggar's Best Hair Moments

20 of Jill Duggar's Best Hair Moments

Jill Duggar

Ever since she was a little girl on 19 Kids & Counting, Jill Duggar has had some seriously amazing hair, and it's only gotten better as she's gotten older and as we've watched her grow up on Counting On. And now, as she shows off her adult life on Instagram, Jill also shows off her long, shiny hair too, and we can't help but admit that it makes us just a tiny bit jealous. Don't get us wrong -- all of the Duggar ladies have amazing hair, but Jill's is definitely the longest, which is seriously the most impressive. And being that most of us can't go that long with chopping it all off, Jill gets props for that.

Anyone who has watched the Duggar family on any of their various reality shows already knows that they consider their hair part of their countenance, and that means that it's really important to them, and that's something that Jill has always taken seriously. But she's giving sisters Jessa Duggar and Jinger Duggar a serious run for their money. Their hair is gorgeous, but Jill's hair is next level. Try as they might, they haven't reached the lengths that Jill has just yet! 

And we have to admit that what's even more impressive is the fact that Jill's managed to keep her hair this long even while having two toddlers running around. We all know that babies like to pull on hair, and that a lot of mamas can't resist getting it chopped just to make their lives easier. But Jill never did! And somehow, it always looks fab. How does she deal with all the upkeep?! Where does she find the time?! She never talks about it, but somehow, she manages to get it all done.

Here are all of Jill's best hair moments so far. If she ever decides to cut it all off, we'll be shocked... but honestly, we wouldn't be surprised if she looked amazing with short hair too. 

  • Honeymoon Hair


    Even when Jill went on her honeymoon with Derick -- and didn't do anything to style her hair whatsoever -- she still looked pretty good on the beach, keeping it natural. Hey, some women do a lot to get their hair to look like that with those waves!

  • Ready for a Wedding


    When Jill went to a wedding and shared photos, she showed off her look, all dressed up, and we were seriously impressed by her wedding hair. Those soft curls looked so good on her! 

  • The Higher the Hair, the Closer to God


    The whole family looked extra fancy -- especially with Israel all dapper in his suspenders and bowtie -- and Jill's hair once again looked amazing. The volume, the curls, it was gorgeous.

  • That New Mom 'Do 


    Not long after Jill welcomed Israel into the world, she shared this sweet selfie, and we couldn't help but notice that Jill was killing it in the hair department. It's so shiny and gorgeous -- pulling it back like that is such an effortless style, especially for a new mom, but it's such an adorable look on her.

  • Derick's Birthday Festivities 


    When Jill and Derick went out for a date night for his birthday, fans couldn't stop talking about Jill's legs and her heels -- but we also noticed that her hair was looking especially fab. We love when it's curled like that! 

  • Her Wedding Day


    Jill kept it simple on her wedding day with loose curls and her hair pulled back in her veil -- and for her, it seemed to be the perfect choice. She looked gorgeous as she and Derick tied the knot, and was total #HairGoals for the occasion.

  • Jill's Side Braid


    This hairstyle is so cute on her -- not only does Jill look adorable with the hair pulled out of her face, but she also looks cute with the braid she has going on.

  • Off to the Side


    One of the marks of seriously good hair? The fact that Jill doesn't have to do much for it to look awesome, like the natural look she's pulling off in this photo. 

  • Welcoming Baby Israel Into the World


    This has got to be one of Jill's most impressive hair looks, because it was so soon after she gave birth to her first child and she still looked amazing. Can we talk about this?! She looked awesome, and the headband is too cute.

  • Her Proposal Look


    Getting engaged is one of the more exciting days in someone's life, and Jill was totally prepared with her hair on point. These big waves were perfect for the occasion, and they helped make for some seriously adorable photos.

  • Hanging Out With Her Bro


    We don't know what we love more: The big soft curls, or the flower in her hair. We do know that we love how tiny James was in this photo! 

  • Fourth of July Hair


    This photo is so sweet, and not just because of Jill and Derick's smooch. Jill's hair, pulled back and curly, looks amazing. Can she share her secrets with us please?

  • A Professional Look


    Jill sported this straight style when she showed off her new clothes on Instagram, an we're loving it. This looks perfect for a more professional event, like when her family does speaking engagements -- and it's pretty easy to pull off. Plus, she still gets to show off how long and gorgeous it is.

  • Her Headband & Braid


    Jill looks adorable in a headband and in a braid, so when you put them together, it makes sense that she's pulling them both off at the same time (and it helps that she has the cutest little guy in her lap, of course).

  • Date Night Casual 


    This casual look is simple, but Jill pulls it off so well. It looks like she straightened her hair here, which just goes to show that her hair looks good no matter how she styles it. 

  • Her Messy Updo


    Jill showed off this hairstyle when she was modeling clothes she got from cousin Amy Duggar's boutique, and we really liked it. It's messy, but it still helped her look super put together.

  • Her Holiday Look


    How cute are Jill and the guys in her family? W're loving all the plaid -- and Jill's loose waves.

  • Jill's Midwife Look


    If you're delivering new babies, there's no time for hair in your face, and Jill still looked gorgeous with all of her hair pulled back.

  • Jill's Chunky Braid


    How cute is this fam? Jill snapped this photo as she and Derick were heading off to church with the kids, and we're loving that such an easy 'do looks so cute on her. She has the perfect length for braids!

  • Her Veteran's Gala Look


    Jill and Derick are so snazzy all dressed up, and she's killing it in those heels and that dress -- but her hair really steals the show.

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