Pic of Jennifer Lopez & Joanna Gaines Together Has 'Fixer Upper' Fans Excited

Mezcalent/Splash News; Robert Kamau/GC Images/Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez and Joanna Gaines photo
Mezcalent/Splash News; Robert Kamau/GC Images/Getty Images

It's the collaboration we never knew we needed! Word on the street is Jennifer Lopez wants Joanna Gaines's help renovating her multimillion dollar beachside home she shares with Alex Rodriguez. And it looks like we might get a TV special out of it as a camera crew was also spotted with the World of Dance and Fixer Upper duo.


  • Joanna and Jennifer were spotted walking side by side on a Malibu beach to check out JLo's home.

    This was just an opportunity for Joanna to see the place and no real decisions have been made yet, according to People.

    "Jennifer wanted to walk the space with Joanna in person," a source told the publication. "They're both extremely busy, but it’'s hard to take on any kind of home project without actually seeing the space."

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  • It's also worth mentioning again that cameras were present during the visit.

    Although Fixer Upper may no longer on the air, Joanna and Chip Gaines are starting their own network through Discovery Inc., which owns HGTV.

    And we have to say, anything with Joanna and JLo would be a must-watch!

  • Fans of the pair are already excited.

    Instagram comments

    Comments ranged from folks being jealous that Jennifer could afford to have Joanna help her with her new home to people expressing their love for both stars.

    For those who don't know, JLo recently revealed that she was a huge fan of Joanna Gaines on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and that she had mentioned her wish of having Joanna redo this property to A Rod.

    ... so he set up a FaceTime meeting for the couple's second anniversary!


  • Jennifer fangirling over Joanna is worth watching.

    She talks about how she owns Joanna's book and was even curious to hear about baby Crew. (It's pretty funny.)

  • We really hope these ladies can work something out!

    Even if it's just a single meeting that's shared on social media for all to see, we're so ready to see what exactly went down -- and what unfolds!

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