Chris Evans Helping Regina King to the Stage at the Oscars Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Chris Evans Regina King photo

When it comes to the Oscars (or any award show, for that matter) the best way to watch is by periodically refreshing Twitter. People tend to take to the social media platform to share their excitement about performances, such as Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's steamy rendition of "Shallow" or big wins, such as The Favourite's Olivia Colman taking home Best Actress (with a hilarious acceptance speech to boot).

However, folks really went wild at the beginning of the night, when Regina King went up to receive her Best Supporting Actress award for If Beale Street Could Talk and Captain America himself, Chris Evans, helped her up the stairs.

  • Because Regina was wearing a fancy Oscar de la Renta dress, her heel got stuck on it -- right as she was getting up to claim her Oscar.

    Chris acted quickly, however. He extended his arm so Regina could fix her fashion situation, and helped her gracefully make her way up the stairs so she could have her moment.

    Say it with us now: What. A. Gentleman! 

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  • It seems like those Marvel movies have really had quite the effect on the actor.

    He basically is Captain America at this point.

  • Chris earned himself a lot of fangirls after that moment.

    Cute and caring? It's the winning combo!

  • Seriously -- they couldn't help but profess their love for this guy.

    Many joked that they wanted Chris to be their boyfriend or husband.

  • And a few even wanted Regina and Chris together.

    For starters, they thought the moment was a double win for the actress, and fans really seemed to love this duo.

    Maybe they'll be costars in the near future?

  • Even Jamie Lee Curtis couldn't help but gush over her on-screen son.

    Their little exchange was too sweet!

    Jamie will be playing his mom in the upcoming film Knives Out.

  • Plus, the best part about all of this?

    It's not a one-off moment! 

    Chris once escorted Betty White on stage, too.

  • It's surely a moment that will go down in history.

    And it's all because the actor was simply doing the right thing!