Jordyn Woods Speaks Out After Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal

Jordyn Woods

This week has been a major whirlwind after we found out that Jordyn Woods allegedly helped Tristan Thompson cheat on Khloe Kardashian. And after staying silent since the news broke, Jordyn is finally speaking out -- even though her first words since the scandal aren't exactly what anyone expected.

  • At the launch party for her new eyelash line, Jordyn shared a few words about the situation with the crowd.

    “I just want to thank everyone who’s been supporting me through everything that's been going on. It’s been real," Jordyn said. 

    "It's been real." Not exactly what we would have chosen to say, but honestly, what else was Jordyn going to say for herself at this point? 

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  • So far, fans aren't having it -- no one's too terribly impressed with Jordyn's words. 

    To be fair, we all knew that Tristan was a cheater, but if she really did hook up with him, Jordyn betrayed a friend, which somehow seems to hit so much worse.

  • People were even cracking jokes.

    And as far as jokes go (and the memes ... so many memes), we have a feeling those aren't going to slow down anytime soon. This situation has given the people of the Internet way too much material to work with.

  • Others couldn't help but point out that she didn't exactly have a huge turnout for the event.

    Yikes ... 17 people? If this is true, that's embarrassing -- but we're not sure what anyone expected. If you betray a Kardashian, you're going to lose a lot of fans very quickly. We don't play when it comes to our Khloe, y'all.

  • Maybe Jordyn should stay home for now -- at least until things die down a little bit. 

    Social media (and the outside world in general) is not going to be a very friendly place to her for a while -- probably not until the next big scandal hits -- so it's probably a good time to focus on other things. 'Til then? Well, we have a feeling we're not done hearing the final details of this particular situation. Anyone ready for another week of Jordyn/Tristan//Khloe/Kylie updates?