20 Celebrity Duos We Forgot Are Friends

Samantha Sutton | Feb 22, 2019 Celebrities
20 Celebrity Duos We Forgot Are Friends

Mariah Carey and Rebel Wilson

In many ways, Hollywood is a lot like high school: There are some stars who are way more popular than others, while a select few seem to try a variety of things to be considered cool. There’s always a ton of gossip going on behind the scenes, and the rumor mill is never ending (and much like our teen years, a good portion of what we hear is completely fabricated). There are also plenty of cliques that form among celebs, and since everyone is the cool kid in this analogy, we're always curious to find out more.

While some famous BFFs tend to flaunt their friendship so that the world is well aware (RIP Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods), others live a more low-key life.

In other words, stars we didn't even know knew each other tend to be close, and every time we spot a photo of those seemingly opposite and pretty random pairings, we feel that sense of surprise all over again.

For example, there are a handful of famous comedians who pretty much live in T-shirts and jeans, who happen to be pals with designer-rocking, runway-walking top models. Current musicians have been connected to stars from the '90s or aughts, and teens have sought the advice of older, wiser A-listers who were once in their shoes.

Like most friendships, there's usually no one thing that ties these people together; they simple meet, hit it off, and that pretty much that! 

Still, we can't help but imagine what these private conversation are like.

Ahead is a list of 20 famous friendships that we sometimes forget about, but love all the same!


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