Kim Kardashian's Bathroom Selfie Has People Legit Confused

Kim Kardashian

If you're a fan of the Kardashian fam, you already know that they live a much different life than most of us do -- their houses alone are far more lavish than what the rest of us are used to. And because of that, when Kim Kardashian shared a new mirror selfie in her bathroom, people were way more focused on talking about the very unusual space she was in rather than obsessing over her abs, which is probably what Kim was hoping for.

  • Kim posted this pic, talking about missing her blond hair.

    Yeah, Kim looks good and all, but what is up with that bathroom? it's just one big, blank room -- and is that the shower back there, with literally a shower head and no walls? How does she even shower in there? Doesn't water get everywhere? Isn't she freezing?! 

    We have so many questions, and as it turned out, we aren't the only ones.

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  • "Confusing" pretty much sums it up, like this comment pointed out.

    It does look like she just plunked down a bathtub in an empty room and called it a day, doesn't it? And if you'll notice, even if we were going to buy that that is a shower and Kim's just bathing herself in a giant room with no walls, where does she even keep her shampoo and body wash? This all seems terribly impractical.

  • And as this commenter said, this bathroom is just freakin' huge.

    Large bathrooms are definitely a plus -- who doesn't want lots of room to get ready in the morning, with plenty of counter space? But this goes beyond having enough room to spread out all your makeup. This is beyond what any person would need, and it just looks so cold.

  • This person even thought it looked more like a kitchen.

    It's definitely big enough to be a kitchen, that's for sure.

  • And this comment summed up our feelings pretty well.


  • We're definitely going to need some kind of explanation about this bathroom.

    We know Kim has always loved super modern decor, but this ... is a lot. And we can't imagine it's fun to get ready for any big events in there, unless there's a secret about that shower that we don't know about.

    Kim, we're ready when you are. Is this your real bathroom, or is there another one you actually use, like a real human? We need to know!