Kate Gosselin Fires Back at Jon's Claims She Doesn't See Collin

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for Discovery

Kate Gosselin
Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for Discovery

With Collin Gosselin back home after spending years in a treatment center, all eyes have been on a certain reality star mom, raising questions about her spending time with her son. Jon Gosselin says Kate has "zero" contact with the 14-year-old, and now, Kate is firing back. Kate Gosselin dismisses claims she doesn't see Collin that makes us wonder who the heck is telling the truth ... 'cause we're nosy.

  • Kate and her twin daughters, Mady and Cara, recently made a public appearance to promote her upcoming reality show.

    Kate Gosselin with her twins Madelyn and Cara
    Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for Discovery

    In April, it was reported Kate is getting her own dating show, Kate Plus Date, that will document her journey of getting back into the dating game.

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  • And she has no problem addressing questions about her relationship with Collin.

    Kate Gosselin
    Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

    "Yes, we are close with all of the kids, their brothers and sisters," Kate Gosselin responded (on behalf of herself, Mady, and Cara) about having a relationship with Collin, Hollywood Life reports.

    Jon and Kate have eight children together: twins Cara and Madelyn, 18; and sextuplets Aaden, Alexis, Joel, Collin, Leah, and Hannah Gosselin. A judge recently granted Jon sole custody of Collin. The 14-year-old joins his sister Hannah, who also lives with her dad. (Kate fought to take back custody of Hannah but was ultimately denied.)
  • Jon previously accused Kate of not spending time with Collin.

    The single dad shocked the world when he accused Kate of spending "zero" time with her son in the comments of one of his Instagram posts.

  • Hopefully that's not the case, though we haven't seen her share anything about Collin for some time now.

    Obviously, we all have lives off social media, but it's interesting there have been no recent photos Kate has shared of Collin since she sent him away to get treatment for his "special needs" in 2016 -- something Jon says Collin doesn't have. Plus, outlets reported Kate Gosselin was a no-show at Collin's custody hearing, so who knows what's really going on?

    Collin looks super happy to be home with his dad and sister. One can only hope he'll develop stronger bonds with the rest of his family.