Jinger Duggar Is Total #HairGoals in New Family Photo

Jinger Duggar, Felicity Vuolo

We'll admit it -- we've always been jealous of the Duggar women's hair, especially Jinger Duggar. And in her latest pic, she's truly killing it. Over the weekend, Jinger shared a new family photo with her hair perfectly curled and shiny, and fans couldn't help but point out how gorgeous her locks look. Yep -- she's officially #HairGoals. 

  • Here's the photo in question:

    Yes, Jeremy looks handsome, and Felicity is absolutely adorable as usual, but we can't stop staring at Jinger's curls. How does she get her hair to look that perfect -- especially while she's taking care of a baby?! 

    We aren't the only ones who noticed, and people flocked to the comments to compliment Jinger.

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  • There were heart eyes all over the place.

    Because hair like that totally deserves them.

  • Even longtime family friend Alyssa Bates -- who has some pretty good hair herself -- chimed in.

    How sweet! We love that the girls are still in contact -- they've known each other since they were very young, and now they're both married mamas themselves.

  • And eventually, there were so many comments that Jinger even offered up one of her secrets.

    In case you were wondering, we looked up the OnePass Straightener -- you can get it for $199 at Ulta. It's definitely an investment, but if you curl your hair regularly and want to snag Jinger's look, it might be worth it! 

  • Now we just need Jinger to fill us in on what kind of shampoo and conditioner she uses.

    There has to be a trick to getting her hair that shiny, right? And we have a feeling that her sisters, Jessa and Jana, might be in on this one, because their hair always looks flawless, too. Let's have it, ladies!

    In the meantime, we'll just keep drooling over Jinger's Instagram pics. How can one person's hair look that good?