Penelope Disick's New Haircut Is Really Bringing Out the Worst in People

Kourtney Kardashian, Penelope Disick

This week, Kourtney Kardashian's daughter, Penelope Disick, hit a major milestone -- she got her first haircut! She opted for a short cut, and she looks pretty adorable, but unfortunately, not all of her mom's followers agree. When Kourtney showed off Penelope's new 'do on Instagram, the hate started rolling in, and it's seriously getting out of hand.

  • Here's Penelope's choppy new style, in all its glory.

    "First ever hair cut in all of her enchanting six years," Kourtney wrote. 

    Looks pretty chic to us! But it quickly became obvious that not everyone agreed, and a lot of people thought it would be appropriate to voice their rude opinions in the comments.

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  • A lot of people thought they were clever saying that they thought Penelope cut it herself.

    Wow -- that's harsh.

  • Or that Edward Scissorhands must have cut it.

    Other comments said that someone must have cut it with their teeth, or that a blind person cut Penelope's hair -- and yes, people are actually that rude to a 6-year-old.

  • And then there were comments like this one, saying Penelope doesn't even look like a girl anymore.

    Um, Penelope definitely looks like a girl, because girls can and do have short hair. What kind of comment is that? People are the worst.

  • The family is loving Penelope's cut, and Khloe even showed it off on her Instagram. 

    "How FREAKING CUTE is she with her hair cut???!!!?" Khloe wrote.

    Uh, so cute -- we're dying!

  • If you ask us, she looks super adorable, and she seems to be loving her new cut.

    And that's all that matters, right? She's rocking it! 

    Penelope, keep killing it! You know those haters are just jealous.