Kim Kardashian Shares Graphic Photos of Just How Bad Her Psoriasis Is

Kim Kardashian

For years, Kim Kardashian has been open about her battle with psoriasis -- in fact, when The Daily Mail called out Kim's bad skin earlier this month, she set them straight about her condition. And she just got even more real about her struggle with the condition. Fans are praising Kim for being open about her psoriasis by sharing some graphic and totally honest photos, detailing what she's going through.

  • Kim took to her Instagram story to show just how much it's affecting her.

    This looks so incredibly painful -- poor Kim! We can't blame her for being tired of having to deal with this, and like she's said in the last few weeks, her current flare-up is worse than it's been in a long time.

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  • She also shared an herbal remedy that she was using, joking that it looked like something you definitely wouldn't want to put on your face.

    Kim Kardashian psoriasis

    Kim also said that she was trying a smoothie that could potentially help and trying special light therapy too. 

  • Oh, and she did clarify that the substance on her face is nothing to be concerned about.

    She's really pulling out all the stops and sharing every step of her journey, and fans have flocked to Twitter to talk about how awesome they think her honesty is.

  • This tweeter pointed out that Kim sharing her imperfections had a huge impact.

    This tweet is so sweet. It is a big deal that Kim is honest about things like that for exactly this reason. There's no doubt she's making a lot of people more comfortable with their own imperfections by being open about hers.

  • Another fan thanked her for sharing.

    Kim is also helping to break the stigma behind psoriasis, because as we've seen before, she's been mocked for having "bad skin" when she's actually suffering from a medical condition. Kim sharing photos like these makes her condition more real, so maybe people will understand what she is really going through.

  • And a lot of people said that Kim's photos helped them relate to her that much more.

    Way to go, Kim!

  • Good for Kim for opening up like this. She's already helped so many people.

    We hope that the remedies she's trying work and that she gets some relief. From her pictures alone, it's clear that her psoriasis is no joke!