Brad Pitt Wasn't the Only Ex to Attend Jennifer Aniston's Birthday

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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt
Splash News; Splash News

Over the past few years, there have been plenty of rumors surrounding Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, with the majority of them being fiction. No, the two didn't rekindle things following their recent divorces, there was no secret wedding on the beach, and they certainly aren't expecting a baby together (insert all the eye rolls here). The exes are, however, still friendly, and that became clear when Brad Pitt was spotted at Jen's 50th birthday bash in a photo that has lots of people talking.

  • Photos of Brad heading to Jennifer Aniston's bash made the Internet go wild.

    Although it looked like the tabloids could possibly be onto something, the reunion was actually NBD

    "Jen didn't really pay any special attention to Brad," a source told People. "They hugged and chatted for a bit, but Jen was busy making sure all of her other guests had an amazing time."

    Apparently, Jen wasn't even sure if she should invite Brad in the first place, but because she wanted everyone who had a special part in her life to be there, she ultimately decided to ask him and was happy he came.

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  • People applauded Jen for being the bigger person.

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    Judging by these comments, a number of folks think it was a very classy and mature thing to do.

    Plus, exes can be friends!

  • Some speculated that maybe she did it to make him jealous.

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    What better way to show him what he missed out on than a night where she's the center of attention?

    (We highly doubt it.)

  • Others were like, nah -- she loves him!

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    Maybe she just didn't want people making a big deal about it, so she didn't make a big deal about it.

  • A few people also wondered what Angelina Jolie would have to say about this.

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    We're guessing nothing as she's off living her own life, too!

    Despite Brad's good looks, we're sure it isn't impossible to get over him.

  • Can't Jen just be the bigger person, platonically party with her ex, and live her life?

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    Considering how long those headlines went on after Jen and Brad's divorce, we're going to say ... no.

  • To further prove that Brad wasn't given special treatment, it turns out he wasn't the only ex to show up to Jen's big bash.

    John Mayer was there, too!

    It's Hollywood, people! Everyone is connected in some way, and it's probably just easier for them to live their lives and have fun.

  • Here's hoping we (and Justin Theroux) score an invite to the next one.

    Hey, at this point, anything is possible!

    (Seriously, it would be kind of cool.)