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20 Times Kylie Jenner Made Us Green With Envy

Celebrities Kayla Gleeson Feb 13, 2019

Kylie Jenner crowd

As we all know, the Kardashian-Jenner family tends to steal the spotlight when it comes to making any sort of public appearance, no matter what they're doing. Whether it's taking a walk or tanning by the pool, it seems that everyone wants to know what the women are up to -- even if it's just everyday activities. That's why when they get to do something exciting, people fall over themselves to get involved in the action. From parties to vacations and Kardashian-Jenner branded fun, the public can only dream of being a part of it all -- especially the marvelous, wonderful, fantastic adventures of Kylie Jenner (the queen of fun.)

Anyone is in for a good time when the husband happens to be a famous rapper. Kylie gets to go to any Travis Scott show she wants -- and those tickets aren't exactly cheap. Aside from having her own selection of concerts to attend, she's also seen palling around with a bunch of musical stars -- Christina Aguilera, for starters. Naturally, any party she throws is bound to have a star-studded guest list (aside from her sisters, of course.)

If she isn't feeling the crowds or public scene, she's always free to vacation anywhere she likes -- remember all the vacations with her and the Kardashian sisters? Or how about her most recent vacay with little Stormi Webster?

No matter what Kylie's doing, one thing's for sure: we're envious of it all. Here are all our favorite FOMO-inducing Kylie adventures!


Stormi's First Birthday Party

Kylie's "StormiWorld" birthday party not only blew us away, but it promptly reminded us that the majority of the population can only hope to one day be in the same league as Kylie Jenner. Ahem.


Birthday Bash

Kylie celebrated her Birthday Collection in the most appropriate way possible -- we only wish we could have been there!


Tropical Escape

Imagine getting to vacation here -- it's enough to make anyone green-eyed!


Australia Adventure

How does one get to P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney? Just ask Kylie.

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What a party! We hope Christina appreciated Kylie's costume!

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