20 Times Meghan Markle Looked Like She Was Over Being Pregnant

20 Times Meghan Markle Looked Like She Was Over Being Pregnant
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Yeah, yeah, yeah, we've heard all the "Meghan Markle loves touching her baby bump" jokes, too. And, despite the fact that the Duchess of Sussex is straight glowing right now and appears to be enjoying her gestation, there are times when she just looks over it. As almost any mother or pregnant woman can attest to, there are times when pregnancy is downright annoying and uncomfortable. From the swollen feet to the having to pee 100 times a day to the having to avoid fun things like sushi, wine, and coffee, it isn't all sunshine and roses. Far from it. 

Whether it's the American in her or the fact that she really, genuinely has been enjoying the last few months, Meghan has kept up a pretty solid game face throughout her pregnancy. Thankfully, everything has seemingly been going off without a hitch, but even so, a pregnant woman can get irritated now and again -- regardless of her situation. 

Meghan may be giving pregnant women everywhere a bad name, what with her glowing skin, ever-present smile, and adorable baby bump, but we see her. We see the low-grade annoyance from time to time and how, on occasion, she looks like she just wants to be home in bed instead of out and about in heels and a dress. 

From having to change into flats to flat-out skipping an engagement out of sheer exhaustion, here are 20 times Meghan appeared to be over her pregnancy. 

We so get it. 

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