20 Bands From the '90s & '00s We Wish Would Reunite

20 Bands From the '90s & '00s We Wish Would Reunite
Image: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

We have so many reasons for being nostalgic about the '90s and '00s -- mainly, technology wasn't taking over our lives, and things just seemed more light and carefree (likely because we had yet to fully experience all the stress that comes with adulthood). Pop culture was at its prime, and yes, we're willing to die on this hill. Think about it: We lived during a time where rom-coms reigned supreme, when people freely ate crap like Dunkaroos and Fruit Rollups without judgment, where we all needed to be home at a certain time to tune into TRL, Beverly Hills, 90210, or catch the latest Disney Channel original movie.

(Sigh. Those were the days.)

It was also a great time for music, and we're not just talking about Jessica Simpson, Alicia Keys, or Eminem ruling the radio (remember those, Spotify lovers?), either. Bands were a big thing during these years, too, and with so many OG-cast reboots coming to TV and film, we're hoping that music will soon be following in those footsteps.

In some cases, it's already happening: The Backstreet Boys have a Super Bowl commercial this year, New Kids on the Block continues to do its reunion tour, just like 98 Degrees. Even B2K is getting in on the action

Still, there are so many more reunions we're hoping to see, and perhaps putting it out in the universe will make our dreams come true. Which groups do we want to get back together, ASAP?

We've got a full list of 20!

  • Destiny’s Child


    Coachella doesn't count if ya ask us! We can't all go to the California desert, so it's time this trio go on tour -- together!

    Also, it could be interesting to bring back the original members, too.

  • *NSYNC

    Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

    Hey, the Backstreet Boys are doing it! We understand that Justin Timberlake is busy, but it's time for these guys to make their move in the battle of the boy bands.

  • Savage Garden


    Hearing stuff like "I Knew I Loved You," and "Truly Madly Deeply" has us imagining ourselves in the middle of a cheesy, '90s rom-com. We could use some of that in 2019!

  • 3LW


    3LW. Not The Cheetah Girls. We'll even settle for Adrienne Bailon bringing her old bandmates on The Real for a song or two.

    Just throwing ideas out there ...

  • My Chemical Romance


    The lead singer is in a totally different industry now (he's working in comic books and writing for TV and movies), but we're always holding out hope for more songs like "I'm Not Okay," and "Helena."

  • O-Town


    OK, so the band has reunited ... as a quartet. Without Ashley Parker Angel.

    Guys, we're going to need him to come back. STAT.

  • Danity Kane


    Another case of reuniting without some key members! We'll give their new "DK3" reunion group a chance (yes, they're down to just three members now), but we're nostalgic for "Show Stopper," and "Ride For You," circa 2005 Danity Kane, too.

  • Dream Street


    Who can forget these pre-pubescent boys? They had tunes that got stuck in our heads -- and we're kind of curious to see what they look like as adults (minus Jesse McCartney, who still pops up here and there).

  • OutKast


    Another group who reunited at Coachella (in 2014) and then, never again. 

    Tour, guys. Tour.

  • Dream


    Back in 2015, these ladies tried to reunite and make a third album, but plans fell through.

    Um, try harder! 

    Or just skip the new music and recreate this video. We promise, it'll go viral!

  • Fun.


    Fun. didn't break up, they're just focused on other things. However, we'd be open to more music like "We Are Young," and "Carry On." 

    Wow. All of a sudden 2012 seems like it was way too long ago!

  • Oasis


    Technically, this is a family issue: Brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher just don't get along. But wouldn't that make a reunion that much sweeter?

  • No Doubt


    Gwen Stefani has said the group has "grown apart as far as what kind of music we want to make," but we don't need new -- we just want old! Also, we have no doubt Gwen can still rock those crop tops.

    Do it for the fans!

  • S Club 7


    This group was both a band and a show -- which was cheesy, but amazing at the same time.

    At least give us one musical reunion episode!

  • Fugees


    In September of 2018, Pras shut down any and all hope that he would reunite with Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean. It's going to be a no from him, and the group won't even tour for a mere 15 months for a $90 million paycheck.

    Sounds like a missed opportunity!

    Guess we'll just have to "Killing Me Softly with His Song" and "Ready or Not" on Spotify.

  • One Direction


    All of these guys have been fairly successful with their solo careers, but we have a thought: A mega concert, where they still perform as a group, but also do their own songs, too.

    Maybe in a few more years?

  • BBMak


    Apparently, these guys -- who are responsible for singing the soundtrack to our favorite movies with stuff like "Back Here" -- really do have a reunion in the works.

    Good, because we "miss you, want you, need you so."

  • Eden’s Crush


    A song like "Get Over Yourself" definitely has a place in 2019 -- and Nicole Scherzinger was a member of this group, too!

    The producers of The Masked Singers need to get on this, possibly for a finale show!

  • The Jonas Brothers

    Jonas Brothers
    Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

    They are brothers, after all! Can't they make this work?

    And, we'd like to suggest they bring their significant others -- Danielle Jonas, Priyanka Chopra, and Sophie Turner -- on stage, too!

  • Spice Girls


    We understand the Spice Girls are reuniting (in the UK) without Victoria Beckham, but we're sure the fashion industry would understand if the designer shook things up a little bit, skipped a collection, and returned as Posh in a little black dress.

    Seriously, we need the Spice Girls to come to the US and tour.

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