21 Costars Accused of Having an Affair

21 Costars Accused of Having an Affair

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt in Passengers
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More than once, we've seen two celebrities meet on the set of a TV show or movie, only to fall madly in love in real life, too. We can't exactly blame them. They're still human, after all, and between working in such close quarters -- sometimes on location -- and having to film a ton of steamy love scenes, it's easy to develop strong feelings that are impossible to turn off once the cameras stop rolling.

As an audience, we get to witness a real-life fairy tale: the guy and the girl we've been rooting for this whole time actually ending up together. (How's that for a happy ending?!) It's why we’ll always be fans of the Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher love stories of the world, and feel extra sad when the Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan romances end up calling it quits.

At the same time, just because two people seemingly have a ton of chemistry while playing characters doesn't mean that we're witnessing is the real deal. They're actors and actresses, after all, who are being paid the big bucks to do a job -- a job that happens to include tricking us, too. Sometimes, unfortunately, they're just a little too good at it, leaving them with Oscar nominations, of course, but also making that rumor mill go crazy.

Over the years, a handful of stars have actually had to deal with accusations that they were having affairs with costars, thanks to "sources" coming forward and talking about "flirting," "hand holding," or "sexual tension" on set. It all sounds a lot less romantic when cheating and families are involved, and it's no doubt frustrating for these pros to have to address false stories every time they pop up.

So which on-screen duos didn't get together, but caused a whole bunch of commotion anyway? Here's a rundown of 21 costars who were once accused of having an affair.

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