25 Celebrity Spouses Who Steal the Spotlight on Instagram

Samantha Sutton | Jan 24, 2019 Celebrities
25 Celebrity Spouses Who Steal the Spotlight on Instagram

Kimberley Van Der Beek and James Van Der Beek

How much time is too much time to be spending on our phones? We're never sure of the correct answer, and while we do make sure to disconnect, we admittedly enjoy spending our downtime scrolling through Instagram and posting photos of our own -- and we don't think we'll be deleting the app anytime soon. (Just being honest.) Sharing bits and pieces of our lives and shots of the family, seeing what other people are up to, and tagging our friends in hilarious memes is our version of fun. We also tend to use Instagram as a way to keep up with all that's going on in Hollywood. Did that celebrity have her baby yet? What did so-and-so wear to last night's award show? Is this famous couple still together?

Instagram holds all of those answers ... and more.

We're always looking for even more great accounts to add to our list and will occasionally click over to see the people our favorite stars have tagged. That's how we discovered a good mix of fun, cool celebrity couples -- many that aren't in any way associated with the acting or music business -- who regularly post the stuff we can't help but double tap. Whether they're launching their own major projects and businesses, sharing some must-try recipes, tips, and tricks, or just giving us a sweet little glimpse into their home and family life, these duos always manage to put a smile on our faces with their content.

There's just so much on their pages that we love, and we're thinking that others will love it, too.

We decided to reveal the 25 spouse accounts that we've become slightly addicted to (because they're the best!), as well as who they're married to and a brief description of what that person does for a living and likes to share. 

Looks like our "following" list is about to get a little bit longer!

  • Ayesha Curry

    Celebrity Spouse: Steph Curry

    Instagram Handle: @ayeshacurry

    Ayesha Curry has over 6 million followers, so just consider this a friendly reminder that the cookbook author, TV star, and well-dressed mom of three is well worth a follow.
  • Kimberly Van Der Beek

    Celebrity Spouse: James Van Der Beek

    Instagram Handle: @vanderkimberly

    There are so many reasons to follow Kimberly Van Der Beek, but a big one is her natural, holistic approach to life. She's always recommending foods to try and ways to live cleaner. She also has some helpful tricks and tips when it comes to kids. (She knows her stuff, considering she has five.)
  • Caitlin McHugh Stamos

    Celebrity Spouse: John Stamos

    Instagram Handle: @caitlinskybound

    There are Disney fans, and then there are people like Caitlin, who's downright obsessed! She's even a fan of Disneybounding, where she dresses up like a famous character and visits the park. This is also the reason why John popped the question at the most magical place on earth.
  • Roger Mathews


    Celebrity Spouse: JWoww

    Instagram Handle: @rogermathewsnj

    Even though he's going through it with JWoww (the Jersey Shore  star got a temporary restraining order after a fight he claims went that far due to her lies), Roger Mathews adores his children. He's a hands-on dad who documents his fatherhood journey on Instagram. Though it looks like JWoww and Roger might be getting a divorce, we've enjoyed following him on the 'Gram.
  • Jenny Mollen

    Celebrity Spouse: Jason Biggs

    Instagram Handle: @jennymollen

    Thanks to her frequent Instagram Stories where she talks to the camera, it's easy to feel like Jenny's actual friend. She even has inside jokes that only her followers would know, like calling Jason Jadon, her friendship with her doorman, her close bond with her sister-in-law, and making elaborate lunches for her son, something that now has an account of its own.
  • Ryan Michelle Bathe

    Sterling K. Brown and Ryan Michelle Bathe
    Dan MacMedan/Getty Images

    Celebrity Spouse: Sterling K. Brown

    Instagram Handle: @ryanmichelleb

    We might love him on This Is Us, but in real life, Sterling K. Brown is not the star of the show. His wife, Ryan Michelle Bathe, is not only the leading lady of his life, but a mama who keeps it real -- and is super hilarious!
  • Danielle Jonas

    Celebrity Spouse: Kevin Jonas

    Instagram Handle: @daniellejonas

    Sure, there's Priyanka Chopra and soon Sophie Turner, but we can't forget the original lady to marry a Jonas Brother: Danielle! When she isn't posting her daughters playing around with musical instruments and giving us hope for a future group called "The Jonas Sisters," she's showing off pieces from her jewelry line, which she recently launched.
  • Camila Alves

    Celebrity Spouse: Matthew McConaughey

    Instagram Handle: @iamcamilaalves

    Camila is constantly appearing on TV, making healthy eats for kids and adults alike, and her Instagram is more of that -- plus pics from award season, premieres, and everyday life where she shows off her breezy, no-fuss sense of style.
  • Hilaria Baldwin

    Celebrity Spouse: Alec Baldwin

    Instagram Handle: @hilariabaldwin

    Hilaria Baldwin likes to keep it real when it comes to parenting -- like when one of her sons spontaneously decided to pee in a cup -- but she also finds time to squeeze in some yoga, and thoroughly explains each move or pose she posts for her followers, too.
  • Courtney Lopez

    Celebrity Spouse: Mario Lopez

    Instagram Handle: @courtneym_lopez

    Aside from updates on the family -- including clips from their YouTube channel and baby bump photos -- Courtney uses Instagram to show off her great sense of humor. She's pretty much a meme queen and always manages to find and repost the best ones!

    Plus, how can we not love seeing Mario and his wife together? They're super cute!
  • Eniko Hart


    Celebrity Spouse: Kevin Hart

    Instagram Handle: @enikohart

    With 2 million followers (and counting), people love keeping up with Eniko Hart on Instagram. She's pretty funny in her own right and dazzles with her style and adorable mommy-son moments with their 1-year-old son, Kenzo.
  • Marc Silverstein

    Celebrity Spouse: Busy Philipps

    Instagram Handle: @officialmarcsilverstein4real

    Marc is a screenwriter in real life (he helped write rom-coms like Never Been Kissed, He's Just Not That Into You, and I Feel Pretty), but he could easily convince us that he was a photographer. At the very least, he's an A-plus Instagram husband since he's always getting cool, candid shots of Busy and their girls, Birdie and Cricket.
  • Lauren Akins

    Celebrity Spouse: Thomas Rhett Akins

    Instagram Handle: @laur_akins

    Where do we even begin? Between her sweet photos with Thomas Rhett (they've known each other since they were kids, so yes, there have been throwbacks), updates on her kids -- Willa Grey and Ada James -- and the fact that she's constantly helping out -- raising awareness, or raising money for children in Uganda -- Lauren's account always brings a smile to our face.
  • Karl Cook

    Celebrity Spouse: Kaley Cuoco

    Instagram Handle: @mrtankcook

    For those who want to see how Kaley Cuoco behaves in real life, Karl's account lets us in on their personal life -- and it's hilarious! He has no issues with sharing pics of her sleeping or acting loopy while recovering from shoulder surgery. We just hope she doesn't mind too much!
  • Elizabeth Chambers

    Celebrity Spouse: Armie Hammer

    Instagram Handle: @elizabethchambers

    Adorable family pics, dreamy vacations, yummy looking sweets from her BIRD Bakery -- Elizabeth's account has it all! 
  • Jillian Dempsey

    Celebrity Spouse: Patrick Dempsey

    Instagram Handle: @jilliandempsey

    Patrick isn't the only major star in Jillian's life: She's a celebrity makeup artist! Jillian is always sharing behind-the-scenes shots from award shows, and while she usually focuses on the face, she's been known to give Patrick a haircut from time to time.

  • Jason Landau

    Celebrity Spouse: Cheyenne Jackson

    Instagram Handle: @jasonrlandau

    Jason works for a company that creates promotional gear for movies and TV, so every once in a while, we'll see something fun on his feed. He also bakes and cooks on occasion with the help of his boy-girl twins -- who are ridiculously cute and worth the follow for that alone!
  • Jessica Seinfeld


    Celebrity Spouse: Jerry Seinfeld

    Instagram Handle: @jessseinfeld

    Yummy recipes or recommendations? Jessica's on it. Plus, she's friends with Gwyneth Paltrow!

  • Rande Gerber


    Celebrity Spouse: Cindy Crawford

    Instagram Handle: @randegerber

    He's married to a supermodel, raised two more, and launched a successful tequila company with George Clooney. Rande's life is not too shabby, and he gives us a glimpse into it on social media. (There are also a lot of sweet videos of his youngest, runway-ruling child, Kaia.)
  • Lauren Paul

    Celebrity Spouse: Aaron Paul

    Instagram Handle: @laurenpaul8

    In between pics of baby Story, Lauren shares inspirational words and must-reads. Her main gig is the Kind Campaign, which works to raise awareness and talk about bullying among kids.
  • Rob France

    Celebrity Spouse: Tan France

    Instagram Handle: @robfranceillustration

    The husband of this Queer Eye cast member lives life out of the spotlight, but perhaps that’s because he’s busy -- creating really cool art! His account is full of interesting illustrations that we’d love to hang on our walls.

  • Yael Cohen Braun

    Celebrity Spouse: Scooter Braun

    Instagram Handle: @yael

    Her husband may be Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande's manager, but Yael has her own successful projects, too. She founded the organization F Cancer, which promotes cancer prevention and early detection, and more recently has been posting clips from her show, Motherlucker, which features interviews with celebrity parents.
  • Eudoxie Bridges

    Celebrity Spouse: Ludacris

    Instagram Handle: @eudoxie

    Eudoxie is a doting mom, stepmom, and fashionista. But when she's not showing us photos of her kids or outfits, she's likely talking about her roots in Gabon. Eudoxie is always cooking or catching up with friends on Instagram Stories, and really knows how to throw a theme party.
  • Lisa Stelly

    Former Celebrity Spouse: Jack Osbourne

    Instagram Handle: @lisa_osbourne_

    Lisa and Jack are, sadly, no longer together, but that doesn't change how we feel about Lisa. Her business, Fancy Sprinkles, is becoming more successful by the day, and we love looking at what she's working on, or which fun color she's dyeing her hair!
  • April Love Geary

    Future Celebrity Spouse: Robin Thicke

    Instagram Handle: @aprillovegeary

    April is gorgeous, and while her account is full of style inspiration, there are also a lot of funny photos and videos of her and Robin's little girl, Mia. We're don't expect the updates to stop anytime soon, either: Baby number two is already on the way for the couple, and they recently got engaged!
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