Amy Roloff Can't Catch a Break With Fans After Trying to Push Another Product

Amy Roloff

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Little People, Big World fans aren't here for the ads -- and we're not talking about on the show. Amy Roloff's latest post might be about health and goals, but has fans of the reality star family upset with the matriarch for trying to push yet another product on social media.

  • Amy vows to be healthier in 2019, which includes exchanging certain things for others.

    "This year I've made my new years resolutions and it's about getting healthier, inside and out. I'm focusing on daily goals, like limiting my cups of coffee," Amy Roloff writes in her Instagram post.

    "So I started 2019 being a #teamipartner. I have a lot more energy drinking my @teamiblends alive tea than I ever did with coffee and I don't have to add any sweetener to it. I love it and it's a healthy alternative for me! I feel like I've already made a lot of progress and focusing on healthy weight loss through nutrition, watching what I'm eating, exercising and drinking my @teamiblends tea!"

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  • And her push to help market Teami products -- often promoted by other celebs in the name of detox and weight loss -- has fans talking.

    Instagram comments

    It's safe to say LPBW fans aren't here for the tea, even if it sounds like it might taste delicious.

  • They're tired of stars trying to push this product down their throats,

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    Amy's Teami partnership is just one of many in the celeb world. Other "partners" include JWoww, Kim Zolciak-Biermann, Cardi B, and the Kardashian family, to name a few.

  • and want the reality star mom to stop trying to push products down fans' throats.

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    Roloff fans have accused Amy of "hawking" products in the past. Whether it's her baked goods, salsa, or some other product that comes with a promo code, it's safe to say a number of Little People, Big World fans are kinda done with it all.

  • Something tells us the criticism won't stop Amy.

    Lots of celebrities are pushing products online -- so Amy isn't the first and likely won't be the last. If folks vibe with what she's selling, more power to them (and her). If they aren't, life moves on.

    It's really that simple.