Sarah Jessica Parker Reprising Her Role as Carrie Bradshaw Delivers Major 'SATC' Feels

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Sarah Jessica Parker
James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images

We are SO here for any and all '90s and '00s throwbacks! We've truly been blessed (well, those of us who enjoyed this show) as Sarah Jessica Parker reprised her role as Carrie Bradshaw in a new video with Sex and the City feels that's for an amazing cause.

  • SJP took to social media to share a new ad that comes with a twist.

    Carrie Bradshaw is back in this new video for Stella Artois, which has partnered with to provide clean and accessible drinking water across the globe.

    "Revisiting a beloved character. Briefly and with a twist.Because, thanks to @stellaartois, when you change up the usual you can do good.X, SJ#Ad #PourItForward" the actress writes in her Instagram post.
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  • And it's amazing!

    Oh how we love SATC. Let us count the ways!

    It's still a binge-worthy show we cuddle up in a blanket to watch whenever we're not shuffling a kiddo to school, practice, or wherever they need to go.

  • Fans of the show and Sarah Jessica Parker can't help but gush over the video.

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    It's pretty awesome.

  • And now want a SATC 3.

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    As much as we turn our noses up at sequels, this is something we'd be willing to give a try. We need a feel-good movie with a little romance, some comedy, and a whole lotta fashion.

  • ... which we know won't happen.

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    Aside from a reported feud between SJP and Kim Cattrall, there are whispers Mr. Big would die, which also throws a wrench into the works.

    Well ... a third movie could still work without them. Samantha Jones's cancer return (and take her life) and be a backstory. As far as Mr. Big goes, he could be away on business trips and keep missing Carrie due to their hectic schedules.

  • Regardless, it's great to see Carrie again.

    ... even if it was just for an ad.

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