Jeremy Roloff Finally Cut His Hair & His New Look Is Getting Mixed Reviews

Jeremy Roloff

It's the end of an era. Jeremy Roloff cut off his hair -- and we're not talking about a few inches. The Little People, Big World star shared a video with fans that shows the before and after that has a number of people sounding off.

  • Jeremy Roloff no longer looks the same.

    He and Audrey have been teasing a haircut for some time now, so we're not really surprised someone grabbed a pair of scissors -- though the reason is truly heartwarming.

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  • He's got a new look that will take some getting used to.

    Guess there's no more man buns for the time to come.

  • "Well, it happened ... And I'd be lying if I didn't say it's bitter sweet," he revealed.

    "I've been growing my hair since September 2014," Jeremy Roloff confesses in his Instagram post.

    "But I needed a change, and it’s for a good cause. Speaking of change -- because of you who decided to give, we will be changing the lives of over 500 folks who currently don't have access to clean drinking water. So thank you! We raised just over 15k for @charitywater, and with their 1:1 model, every dollar will go toward water projects. Nice work you guys!! Thanks @jackbotti For the rad video per usual. If you don't already, and you like good videos, give him a follow!"

  • Welp, it's safe to say folks are doing a double take or two.

    ... or five.

    LPBW fans are truly in disbelief that Jeremy cut his hair.

  • A number of fans seem heartbroken Jeremy cut his hair.

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    It's safe to say these people want Jer to grow his hair back stat. After all, we haven't seen him with buzzed hair for many years now.

  • Others, however, are thrilled he doesn't have a super long mane anymore.

    Instagram comments

    Here we go.

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    Yes, Ember Roloff will no longer have a super tough time distinguishing her mom from her dad since Jeremy cut his hair.

    (Eye roll)

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  • Guys, it's just hair.

    No need to get any panties in a bunch about it. If ya like Jeremy's haircut, cool. If ya don't, move on. There's really no need for the snarky comments.